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What We Believe

Strong therapeutic relationships promote recovery.

Clients develop safe, trusting relationships with our multidisciplinary teams of professionals through personal attention and trust-building experiential therapies. Within a space of unconditional positive regard for the struggles that brought them to treatment, clients discover peace and acceptance.

Every client is different.

We create a personalized roadmap to each client’s recovery. We work closely with clients to help them discover what therapies and experiences best address underlying emotional wounds and foster complete healing. Adventure therapy, experiential therapies, trauma-focused therapies, 12-step principles and 12-step alternatives, equine therapy, spirituality practices, mindfulness and more — whatever combination of approaches works best for each individual client, they can find it at one of our treatment centers.

Sustainable recovery puts learning into action.

Through our extensive experiential therapies, clients have ongoing opportunities to understand recovery concepts and feelings in their bodies, not just their minds. This approach brings about change in a dramatic, empowering, sustainable way.

Treatment should address all aspects of an individual’s life.

We explore what heals each client physically, emotionally and spiritually, and engage them in traditional, holistic, experiential and adventure-based therapies that promote recovery and a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle.

Nature helps clients reconnect with themselves.

At The Ranch treatment centers, our beautiful natural surroundings are an integral part of the healing process. In addition to finding peace and renewal in nature, our experienced treatment teams incorporate nature as a metaphor for life’s challenges.

Shared experiences are transformative.

Our treatment settings promote personal and social responsibility. Clients support and encourage each other and are provided with open and honest feedback and guidance as they make their way through the recovery process.

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