Our approach is evidence-based, experiential and trauma-focused.

At The Ranch treatment center, we meet clients wherever they are on their path to recovery, trust that they will show us where they need to go, and then help lead the way. We do not adopt one model or approach to treatment, but instead draw upon several evidence-based modalities in order to give each client the comprehensive care they need to address their unique issues.

Discover Healthier Ways of Coping with Adversity

We believe that addictions and compulsive behaviors are maladaptive coping patterns that our clients developed to help them survive in the face of adversity. Whether the symptoms of this adversity present as drug and alcohol abuse, sexual addiction, intimacy disorders, eating disorders or other destructive behaviors, they are propelled by underlying trauma, attachment issues, mental health challenges and other difficulties. These issues prevent clients from having meaningful, fulfilling experiences and healthy relationships with themselves and others. Our goal is to thoroughly assess and treat the constellation of issues and co-occurring disorders clients struggle with, and help them realize that although destructive behaviors may have served their purpose in the past, they are no longer working for them.

Connect with the Authentic Self

We offer an array of traditional, experiential and spiritual avenues to help clients begin the journey back to their authentic self, peeling back the layers of their self-protective shell and experiencing vulnerability and authenticity in a safe, nurturing, non-shaming space. Clients begin to explore healthy experiences and activities that resonate with their newly discovered true self, and integrate those activities and approaches into their lives, both in treatment and beyond.

Experience Healing for the Whole Self

We know that substance abuse, compulsions, eating disorders, sexual addictions and other coping behaviors often leave people disconnected from themselves, others and experiences. That’s why, far from just sitting in a room talking about their issues, our experiential approaches help clients “land” in their bodies again, awaken their senses and re-experience themselves and life.

Partner With Us in Recovery

We work closely with clients to create a personalized roadmap to recovery as they discover what therapies and experiences best address underlying emotional wounds and foster whole-self healing. Adventure therapy, experiential therapies, trauma-focused therapies, 12-step principles and 12-step alternatives, equine therapy, spirituality practices, Native American healing traditions, mindfulness and more — whatever combination of approaches work best for each individual client, they will find it here.

Create your path to recovery. Call us at 844-876-7680 to learn how.