Signs of Codependency: Why You Struggle So Hard in Relationships

A codependent relationship is one in which one partner relies wholly upon the other to meet all of their emotional needs. It’s also a relationship where one partner suffers from some form of addiction, and the other partner enables that condition to continue. Either way you define it, a codependent relationship is not healthy for anyone involved. Often,…

cbt-vs-dbt, woman with glasses sitting next to window with mug and shawl

CBT vs DBT Therapy

Professional therapists vary their approach to treating addiction. Psychotherapy, also referred to as “talk therapy,” is one of the most common approaches used with clients in a treatment center or undergoing outpatient therapy. Two popular forms of psychotherapy are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). What is the difference between CBT vs DBT…

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5 Signs of Codependency & How to Overcome Them

Codependency is an unhealthy behavioral condition. While the actual signs of codependency may vary, both individuals typically depend on each other to meet different needs. Over time, each becomes dependent on the arrangement to keep getting what they need. It’s unhealthy for everyone involved. Some codependent relationships are easier to spot than others. But codependency…


How Addiction Affects Families: The Far-Reaching Effects of Substance Use Disorder

It’s difficult to list exactly how addiction affects families. The repercussions spread outward like the rings from a pebble dropped in a pond. But experts have known for years that children who grow up in homes where drugs and alcohol are used often develop addictions, too. Sadly, even if these children do manage to skirt a…