family staying sober during coronavirus

Staying Sober During Coronavirus

Staying sober during coronavirus is likely a challenge for many people. Several media sources report that alcohol sales have recently skyrocketed, and several sources are reporting an uptick in substance abuse. If you are having difficulty staying sober during coronavirus, The Recovery Ranch continues to welcome clients, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. The caring, professional staff…

woman thinking about holistic strategies for battling depression

Holistic Strategies for Battling Depression

The standard approach to treating depression includes medications and psychotherapy. However, in some cases, and for reasons doctors and therapists don’t fully understand, these approaches are only partially successful. Complementary approaches including yoga, exercise, nutrition, and supplements for depression may all be added to a holistic treatment plan to help achieve success. Read on to…

couple who is quarantined with an alcoholic spouse

Quarantined with an Alcoholic Spouse

Living with an alcoholic spouse is likely a challenge on any day. The quarantine during the coronavirus possibly leads to new challenges when you are quarantined with an alcoholic spouse. The Recovery Ranch staff members recognize that alcohol addiction already has a major impact on the family members of individuals with an alcohol use disorder. Receiving treatment is crucial,…