Recognizing and Treating Bulimia

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by a recurring pattern of binge eating followed by either purging with laxatives, diuretics or self-induced vomiting, or through extreme dieting. It is a mental health disorder, meaning that recovery from the illness will require not only behavior modification but also a focus on improved emotional health.

Gamblers, Alcoholics Share Risk/Reward Brain Changes, Differ on Cost Assessment

Addiction researchers have firmly established that some of the damaging brain changes found in people with non-substance-based behavioral addictions are roughly equivalent to the damaging changes found in the brains of people addicted to drugs, medications or alcohol. In a study published in 2014 in the journal Addiction Biology, a team of German researchers compared…


What Is Marijuana Wax?

Wax is the most potent form of cannabis available today. The drug first appeared in California but has rapidly spread across the country over the past decade. Named for its waxy consistency, marijuana wax is extremely concentrated and offers an intense high that can take even experienced users by surprise. While wax (or cannabis concentrate)…