Addiction Therapist

Few people play a bigger role in your wellness and recovery from addiction or other complex behavioral disorders than your addiction therapist. Although you feel at odds with them from time to time, your primary counselor helps you learn more about yourself than ever before. In the end of your rehab treatment at The Ranch, you find yourself appreciative of all your therapist helped you achieve toward an improved life. After all, they help you conquer your addiction and plan a brighter future. In your individual therapy program at The Ranch, you receive a range of therapies as part of your own unique treatment plan. This treatment plan includes individual sessions with your therapist, as well as group, family and couples’ counseling. Learn more about your therapist and how they will help you build a new life in recovery at The Ranch.

The Role of Therapy in Your Addiction Treatment

When you suffer drug addiction, alcohol dependence or disordered eating, you know the crippling nature of these disorders. You also likely experience mental health struggles, such as with depression, anxiety, personality disorders or other problems. But with your addiction therapist at The Ranch in Pennsylvania or Tennessee, you overcome many of your problems and a new life takes shape. The first step in working with your addiction therapist is admitting that you cannot control your behavior on your own. At least, you cannot do so today. But your certified addiction therapist has the skill and methods to guide you through addiction and into lasting recovery. You simply must follow their lead and lean on them for support. Your addiction therapist at The Ranch creates an individualized treatment plan to meet your specific needs. This means you do not receive one-size-fits-all treatment, like people once did. Instead, your therapist helps you understand your specific problems, pathways to recovery and tools used to get you there. This pathway includes a wide range of therapy types.

How Your Addiction Therapist Helps You

Your certified addiction therapist uses a range of skills and methods to help you, as said above. These approaches take place in one-on-one therapy, group therapy, family therapy and couples’ counseling. Your addiction therapist supports you in multiple ways, such as:

  • Providing unbiased, non-judgmental emotional support
  • Conducting one-on-one therapy to find the roots of your addiction
  • Administering drug tests
  • Developing an individual treatment plan
  • Helping you enter and receive aftercare
  • Conducting group therapy sessions

Your certified addiction therapist also diagnoses and treats your dual diagnosis mental health conditions. They want to help you succeed in lifelong recovery. This success starts with their help, such as in fully understanding your needs and working through them.

Methods Used in Addiction Therapy

Your therapist uses many different approaches to help you reach your recovery goals. These take place in the individual, group, family and couples counseling sessions. At The Ranch, some of these methods include:

In addition to these therapies, you also receive treatments through craniosacral therapy, acupuncture and other methods. Which specific methods you receive depends on your unique needs.

Lasting Recovery Achieved at The Ranch

In Pennsylvania and Tennessee, The Ranch helps you achieve your recovery goals. You want a better life, one that proves free from substance abuse, mental health problems and other issues of your past. You can conquer your addiction and mental health conditions, with your addiction therapist by your side. So call The Ranch at 1.844.876.7680 to learn more about available programs and how your new life begins.

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