What Are Sober Living Homes?

Sober living homes are places where those who are recovering from alcohol and/or drugs can stay. These homes are a good idea for those who need stability but are unable to provide that for themselves. Having an environment that is drug and alcohol-free is vital to successful, lasting sobriety. As many addicts do not have access to this type of atmosphere, sober living homes can assist. At The Ranch, we offer access to self-help support groups as part of our treatment program to provide continued support after rehab is complete, to prevent future relapses.

What’s Life Like in Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes provide support after rehab to prevent future relapseSober living homes were originally started as a halfway house for those leaving recovery. Typically, the people staying there are either in a recovery program or have just finished one. Some of the homes have a manager who makes sure the rules are followed. Others are more democratic. These may have leadership positions or a platform that allows residents to voice opinions. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information or NCBI, there are several tried and true models for sober living homes. These include:

  • First and foremost, a sober living home is a place that is drug and alcohol-free. This clean environment is just what a recovering addict needs
  • There is usually no treatment program within the house, but support groups are provided and often required. 12-Step programs through AA or NA are the most popular choice due to the history of success among addicts
  • Must maintain sobriety
  • Residents must pay rent, help with chores, and participate in house meetings
  • Most homes will allow a tenant to stay in the home as long as they follow all the rules
  • Some homes may include: social events among residents that are completely free of any substance use; exercise and recreational activities; job availability within the community; help with resume and interviewing; chef-prepared meals; assistance with life skills such as setting up a bank account, budgeting, and credit building
  • Volunteering is encouraging to teach ‘giving back’ as a way of caring for others and getting outside yourself
  • The goal is to set recovering addicts up for success in the real world, strengthen relationship and life skills, and build confidence. This is an ongoing process rather than a quick fix

How Do Sober Living Homes Aid in Relapse Prevention

Studies show that sober living homes or SLHs, are very effective in aiding recovery as well as continued sobriety. However, there are some factors that have been sited in these studies done by NCBI:

  • Homes in lower-income areas perform better when situated near outpatient treatment centers. Also, when costs low due to the mean income opportunities in the area, the homes function better. As costs are lower, there are not as many extracurricular activities, but those that are available should be free
  • Sober living homes, as opposed to halfway houses, are more beneficial. This is because a resident can stay in a sober living home as long as they feel necessary. In halfway houses usually funded by the government, there is a limited amount of beds. Tenants are given a period of time to stay and then pushed out to make room for someone else. This can create a situation of homelessness or inappropriate housing, leading to a relapse
  • Some SLHs attach themselves to outpatient treatment centers. This is a great advantage for those in low-income areas as the cost is supported by government programs
  • Free-standing SLHs are a good option for those who are seeking to re-enter the world after treatment or for convicts recently released from prison. These places allow more freedom than a halfway house and teach many of the necessary skills for life

Treatment Programs Used After Rehab With Sober Living Homes

The Ranch offers a variety of addiction therapy programs after treatment to prevent future relapse. These programs aim to help you understand your relapse triggers and how to cope with stressful situations without turning to drugs. Addiction treatment programs offered at The Ranch that provides support for relapse prevention include:

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