“I feel very satisfied that treatment met my needs and set me on a path to achieve all of my recovery goals. The Labrynth walk. Definitely had a spiritual awakening there.
I absolutely love my 1 on 1 therapy and Primary Groups and Trauma Therapy.”

“I feel that the staff and treatment team really met all my needs and made my recovery a priority for them. They really pushed me to explore my life and my disease, and they prepared me to leave. The best part of my experience was my primary therapy, one on one sessions and trauma therapy. It was amazingly healing and I loved every minute of it.”

“The entire process from beginning to end was filled with support, safety, tools, and encouragement. I truly learned how to grow up and know how to live in a life of recovery in all areas of my addictions.”

“I didn’t want to come here in the beginning because I was fine.  To my surprise, I was not.  My treatment team and the staff have been exceptional.  I am completely satisfied.  Thank you so much for the help I so needed.  I am eternally grateful.”

“I came in a broken person with problems I thought I could never fix and now I have found the best version of myself.”

“I feel very grateful. My therapists were amazing and have helped me see the light and joy I can have in my life. Bubba, Jeff, Charlie and Bobby are the most amazing people I have ever met!”

“I have learned more about myself and and received more gifts from this program than I ever thought possible. The therapists and staff at the Ranch are doing God’s work and I will be forever greatful!”

“I don’t have words to describe how sensational each individual member of the staff were to me. From the medical staff at Piney to the RA’s at Hilltop, each Therapist, ancillary member, Adventure Day Therapist’s to the Transport Drivers have gone above and beyond making my experience here speechless in a positive way. Each one of these staff members are not money oriented it’s not a 9-5 job to them, they each care deeply about every client and has made my life worth while.”

“The Ranch offers treatment for the whole person- not just substance abuse or trauma. I was able to address all of my issues here and receive the appropriate support.”

“I do not think I could have made this much progress anywhere else. I needed to work on trauma and all of the other centers I have been to just teach coping skills rather than addressing the underlying wounds.  I love the spirituality and 12 step component that this treatment center promotes as well.”

“I loved my therapists. In addition, the adventure therapy proved monumental to my recovery. I also think it imperative that this treatment center teaches clients skills that extend beyond of the basic 12 step module. I am excited to live again.”

“My wife and I feel like it has given our marriage a chance.”

“I truly feel very strong about myself and my life that I am ready to live life and making the right choices moving forward using the experiences and tools this program gave me.”

“The way the staff connect with the clients is far different than any other treatment center I’ve been to and, I believe, is a crucial part of what makes The Ranch experience so powerful.”

“The best part for me was the couples weekend, it allowed my wife to see the changes I have made within myself. The other great thing is adventure Mondays. I also like the primary group setting and all the work that we were assigned to present within them.”

“I wanted to learn to stay sober. Instead I got treated with incredible support for my traumas, my behaviors, my willingness, my relationship to my body and very importantly, my spirituality. I don’t think that my sobriety would be so solid if not for addressing all of these. The primary therapist was with me every step of the way and helped me do for myself and feel safe.”

“The therapists were kind and knowledgeable while remaining professional at all times. Through my therapy, I worked through many of my issues and confronted many of the reasons that led to my undesirable behaviors. All of the staff was very responsive and extremely kind. I was very satisfied with the care I received here.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better place. The best part of my experience of attending the Ranch was finding who my true self was! Finding my Higher power (Jesus) with the help of Jeff Jackson, Charlie, Deanna. Falling back in love with music and my guitar and songwriting from the Help of Bubba. Writing and producing a song with Bubba was one of the coolest experiences of my life. THE RANCH SAVED MY LIFE!!!”

“After 98 days at the ranch I feel like a completely new person. It is a true miracle. I felt my treatment was customized to my needs. Love the equine therapy, adventure days and all my one on ones. I felt the RA staff really cared about me and truly loved me unconditionally even when I was struggling. It further created a safe environment to truly heal old childhood wounds.”

“I am very grateful. Adventure days, all of them. They brought me to realizations that 20+ years of talk therapy could not.”

“I absolutely loved the Adventure Therapy events. That helped so much for me. Also, my entire treatment team were so supportive and on board with everything that I wanted to tackle and work on and they even helped me exceed my expectations of being here. All of the staff were available and were always willing to help me out.”

“The community of women in my house (and others throughout the ranch), my supportive and loving RAs and talented and supportive treatment team! I was given the tools to take back my life and understand that what I’ve done in the past does not define me. I have nothing but great things to say about The Ranch…”

“This is a magical place. The trustfall (OMG), riding Blue (the horse!), Women’s Circle, Hilltop sisterhood, the cows, the rooster, the RA’s, my therapists, the love, and on and on. Thank you for showing me a new way of life. I feel I have truly sacrificed a pound of flesh for a pot of gold.”

“The safe environment and friendships created in the house built a trust to open up and discuss things I had not ever talked about with anyone.”

“Although I was resistant at first, the more I participated in the recovery program and its ancillarys, the more I was able to become proud of my recovery and sobriety, the more patient and humble I became as an individual, and the more spiritually enlightened I am today. I truly believe that my therapist Ginny Leary is the reason that I decided and committed to doing this for myself and not only to appease my family. I have had many therapists prior and I have never met someone who balanced challenging, supporting, and advising someone so effectively. She is one of the most amazing staff members I have been fortunate enough to come in contact with in my life. I also really enjoyed my spiritual healing with Daniel Wolfshadow. These two individuals changed my life, and may have even saved it.”

“this is the top of the line treatment center and i would choose here over anywhere else. end of story”


“I would have never gotten to where I am with out The Ranch. I hope I do not ever have to go to treatment again but if i do The Ranch is the only place i would consider.”

“My treatment team was very responsive to my treatment needs. They were willing to listen with an open mind and respected my preferences without reserving their proffesional opinion.”

“I had no idea how much I was going to accomplish here. It was nothing like my other programs. This was what I needed and I wouldn’t have gotten it anywhere else.”

“Loved the horses. The Maze. one on ones….Charlie saved my life…for real!  What a great experience.”

“I learn positive coping skills, strengthen my dbt skill, work on a relationship with a higher power. To love myself completely with no judgement. how to have healthy relationships with girls and work out any conflict.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the quality and type of treatment I received here at the Ranch. Met every need and expectation and then some.”

“I needed somewhere that would go deeper into my issues than just my substance abuse to figure out why I used in order to help myself. Just stopping my use was not getting me better but the Ranch taught be about why I used.”

“I feel like this center really helped to put me back together. I was broken before I came here and I believed I was beyond help. But after two months at The Ranch, I feel like I can start my life again. “>

“the staff were excellent. i always felt like everyone knew who i was. the communication here is phenomenal. if i was having a hard day at the house, molly and kurt in tms already knew about it by the time of my appointment and were sure to check on me.
all the staff were very supportive and available to me whenever i may need them.”

“everything was awesome. the brothers in the house, the lectures, the adventure therapys, the primary therapists, etc. really enjoyed the entire process.”

“I feel spiritually reborn and freed from a dark past. I came here primarily to stop drinking so that I could support my son and my family during his terminal illness and found so muvch more.”

“Adventure days were always fun and exciting, new and different. I give my highest rating to Tara who i admire and look up to dearly. I feel that she knows exactly what to do in all situations and have trusted her completely with my care.”

“The Ranch offers a superior experience, including a full spectrum of services so that the entire person is cared for. I have been here before and was so satisfied that when it became necessary to return, there was no question as to where I should go. I am thankful for the Ranch and all its staff and facilities. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

“I was very grateful because my expectations were blown away in a positive way when I first got here. I thought I would be just another number, another patient here but I was treated with dignity and respect and ultimately love and cared for.”

“The atmosphere at the house was positive and safe. The staff seemed to be concerned with my well being. They were always available to me when I needed them to be. The Christian Track was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed each thing that participated in.”

“I can not begin to express how grateful I am for the Ranch and I really feel like most every single person has my best interest at heart. The therapist are the best I have ever come across. Adventure days were off the charts amazing, the therapy and work we do is amazing but also have a little down time to actually enjoy being a kid again has helped me so much. I’m not sure how I ended up here but I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet!”

“Whenever I needed something, like an issue that needed addressed, that I could speak with someone and they were very supportive. Words cannot explain of how satisfied I am with this place. This is definitely not like the other places that I have been to.”

“I have gained a lot here. The trauma work was exceptional and will be crucial in my growth and recovery going forward. My therapist worked well with my ongoing therapist. I felt heard and was given help when needed.”

“The best part of my experience was being able to work with Mary and Buddy. They were beyond my expectations and some of the most real therapists I have ever worked with. I also loved getting close to some of the girls here at Mill, I will never forget these few months as long as I live. Lots of memories were created and I want to thank you guys for the opportunity to be a part of the Ranch.”

“The connection I felt with the girls in my house was indescribable. That house feels like home to me.”

“My favorite thing about the ranch is its focus on therapy opposed to outside AA meetings. Although 12-step meetings are a crucial part of my recovery, I particularly valued the emphasis placed on the underlying traumas in my life.”

“Ginny Leary is BY FAR the very best therapist I’ve ever had. She is phenomenal at her job and she has been an incredibly important part of the progress that I have made here.”

“The therapists and especially my individual therapist Rebecca did an amazing job. Also some of the RAs like Carly Barnard has given me amazing advice and has given me hope for my future. I feel like these people have saved my life. I never thought I would have come this far and be open to this recovery process but those people I have named have helped me immensely and saved my life.”

“The Ranch offers a unique format for healing. It deals with trauma, mental health issues as well as addiction therapy all under one roof. I left here with the tools I need to do well in recovery.”

“The Ranch offers so much. I love the philosophy of the program. One of the most powerful experiences at the Ranch was Adventure Day at the dam. I thought this would be just a fun activity, but it was certainly much more on a very deep level. It brought together all that I have learned here in a tangible way. I will always cherish that day.”

“My overall experience was quite fabulous. Don’t get me wrong, it’s rehab and it’s hard and emotional and there are days you want to just leave, but my therapy team here was fabulous, the RA’s in this house are amazing (WS) and the adventure days were not only a blast, they enabled me to have some pretty significant “ah ha” moments.”

“I was a mess when I first got here and in an extreme state of denial about my eating disorder. Staff and therapists were loving and patient with me. I am reconciled to my Higher Power and feel spiritually connected for the first time in awhile. I’ve found freedom.”

“I am so grateful to everyone here, from the nurses, to the RA’s, to the therapist’s. I learned SO MUCH. I guess the best part was waking up everyday and knowing this was where I needed to be. Everyday here was the best part of my experience. Thank you all so much. I’m alive, and I want to live everyday, to learn everyday, and I’m so joyful that I can love myself. I can look in the mirror without shame. I’m free.”

“Above my expectations. I came to treatment seeking help for drug abuse and I not only got help with that but my sex and love addiction.The treatment I got was very well rounded and including all I needed from trauma to loss prevention.”

“The entire staff was great at what they did! I feel like I received a second family here & that was the biggest part of what I needed to continue on into recovery.”

“There are many amazing people working at the Ranch and they are what make it special!”

“The trauma therapy at the Ranch is top notch and I can’t say enough about the individual therapy that was provided to me.”

“I always felt safe and cared for. The therapy I received from my primary and trauma therapists were the best part of my experience. The clinical staff is exceptional.”

“If I had not gone to The Ranch, I probably would not be alive. It has opened me to so many parts of myself previously covered, given me the strength and the desire to stay clean, and helped me begin to trust other people. The Ranch affected me in so many ways that it would be impossible to list them, but needless to say, my three months there are some of the most important ones in my life.”

-J.W., Denver, CO

“I highly recommend The Ranch. The staff here is incredible. They have helped me through 15 years of insanity. I’ve learned the man behind the disease is a wonderful person, the person who can love and enjoy life. I’m genuinely happy.”

-B.K., Houston, TX

“Coming to The Ranch is by far the greatest gift I have ever given myself. Here I learned how to access my personal power and the tools I needed to create a life of love and serenity. These have empowered me to have the life I always wanted, but didn’t know how to access.”

-M.B.W., Beverly Hills, A

“I loved the equine therapy, the surroundings, nature, the respect given and received, the community living, the boundary meetings and ‘good recovery.’ Thank you all. It’s been fun, and sad, and happy and everything. Most of all, it’s helped me a great deal.”

-C.R., Italy

“The strength of The Ranch comes from the serenity of the land, the love of the staff, and the diversity of the recovery. There are infinite resources available, each with an amazing and unique power. Every day I was given the opportunity to learn, to grow, to heal. The Ranch is a safe and loving environment where I was able to discover the truth about myself and love the truth.”

-M.W., Louisville, KY

“The strengths of The Ranch are too many to list, but overall spirit and focus of the program could not be more on target. The loving environment is remarkable. I have never felt more safe being me.”

-K.C., St. Louis, MO

I came to the ranch for sex and love addiction. I had just gotten out of a very addictive and unhealthy relationship. I also was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, binge drinking and black -out drinking issues. The ranch helped me to understand how my past trauma and other events contributed to a cycle of addictive patterns and behavior in all of my relationships in my life…Read More