At The Ranch treatment center in Tennessee, you’ll learn why you’ve struggled with addiction and mental health issues and how to cope in healthier ways. At the same time, you’ll reconnect with and grow to accept and love your true self.

Instead of just addressing the symptoms of substance abuse and mental health disorders, we help you dig deeper and explore what it is that propels self-protective actions that are no longer working for you. Within a nurturing, non-judgmental, non-shaming space, you’ll develop healthy behaviors and thought patterns that promote self-care, self-love, honesty, integrity, passion and joy so that you can stand strong in recovery.

Here are just a few of the things that make us special:

Care That Respects Individuality

At The Ranch treatment center, individualized treatment is not just lip service. Our unparalleled range of therapies and specially trained staff ensure that we can create truly personalized treatment plans. Whether it’s the 12 steps, faith-based treatment, traditional talk therapy, or experiential or adventure therapies, you’ll have the opportunity to discover what most speaks to and heals your authentic self.

We believe that recovery is most likely to flourish in a setting that is welcoming and respectful of each person as an individual. Within this nurturing framework, clients have the freedom to explore the issues that are fueling those disorders that undermine them as a person. Whether you are struggling with trauma, grief or loss, addiction, depression or anxiety, eating disorders or intimacy disorders, our team is able to treat even the most complex disorders and difficult circumstances.

Setting That Inspires Change and Growth

In the quiet community of Nunnelly, TN, just one hour outside Nashville, you’ll find rolling hills, fiery sunsets, barns, farms, ranches, wide open spaces, grazing horses, winding rivers and the sprawling campus of The Ranch treatment center. In this serene setting, you can’t help but connect with and fully realize the healing power of nature, and grasp the experience of being part of something much bigger than each of our individual realities.

Alternative Paths to Healing

Recovery is different for everyone. That’s why we draw on an unmatched diversity of traditional and holistic treatments to help clients heal. In addition to the best in traditional evidence-based therapies, The Ranch mental health and alcohol and drug rehab in Tennessee offers experiential therapies that can help clients get to the issues underlying their disorder.

For some, healing begins while working with horses in equine therapy. For others, swinging from ropes and literally climbing to new heights clears the way for an emotional breakthrough. Still others may find connection to themselves and others through art, music or movement therapy, or mindfulness-based practices. Whatever the path to recovery, you can find it at The Ranch treatment center.

Trauma-Focused Treatment

Many individuals who suffer from addiction and compulsive behaviors have some type of underlying trauma that drives maladaptive coping patterns. Whether this was a one-time impactful event like an accident, assault or natural disaster or emotional pain from neglect, attachment issues, emotional or sexual abuse or enmeshment, the wounds of trauma need to be addressed for a successful recovery. Our team of doctoral and master’s level staff are trained in trauma and its effects as well as the therapies that help target and heal it such as EMDR, Brainspotting, cognitive behavioral therapy, equine therapy, Somatic Experiencing® and more.

Greater Connection to Spirituality

We offer a full spectrum of spiritually focused interventions as well as the assistance of a team of providers focused on your spiritual needs. Choose from the programs that speak most to you, including medicine wheel and sweat lodge ceremonies, faith-based approaches, mindfulness training or guided meditation, or a Celebrate Recovery ministry, to name a few. We help clients discover an existence that is bigger than themselves while exploring deep existential issues.

Treatment That Addresses the Whole Person

At The Ranch treatment center, we believe that you have to heal all the parts of you — mind, body and spirit — to fully recover from addiction, trauma, mental health issues, compulsive behaviors and other challenges. Ours is a balanced approach that addresses all dimensions of the human experience: physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual. With mental health and trauma experts, experiential therapies, a full array of mindfulness and spiritual exploration opportunities as well as an emphasis on nutrition and physical activity, clients get what they need to feel whole again.

Skilled, Passionate Professionals to Guide You to Recovery

Our experienced staff will be there to guide you throughout your recovery journey at The Ranch Tennessee mental health and drug and alcohol rehab. Your team includes a noted triple board certified addiction psychiatrist, a staff physician who is double board certified in internal medicine and addiction medicine, psychiatric nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and master’s level therapists, among others.

Treatment at The Ranch mental health and addiction center is a truly collaborative effort where all members of our skilled team work together to draw upon and combine their unique specializations and talents to give each client the best care possible. Ask any of our staff members and they will say that the treatment team at our facility feels more like a family than a group of coworkers, all working toward one common goal — to give our clients exceptional, compassionate, life-changing care. Learn more about your treatment team.

A Close-Knit, Therapeutic Community

Our intimate, community-based model means you won’t be just another face in the crowd. You’ll get one-on-one support from your recovery team and have the opportunity to develop healthy peer relationships with others traveling a similar path.

Each of our homes is a treatment community unto itself, with no more than 8 to 15 patients in a residence. This setting provides a microcosm of “real-life relationships” and helps clients develop connections with others in recovery while offering an opportunity for personal growth. Within a safe, supportive environment, you’ll see how your interpersonal relationship patterns play out, have a chance to explore these patterns in therapy, and put new recovery skills into practice.

Family Systems Approach

Family support and healing is an integral component of long-term success in recovery. We take a family systems approach, which acknowledges the family as a living, interconnected unit; an issue with one family member is indicative of challenges within the entire family system. Our goal is to help all members of the family recover as individuals and as a family. Clients explore family relationships and roles in individual therapy, and as clinically appropriate, family members participate in family therapy via phone or in person and have the opportunity to attend our family weekend program.

A Tradition of Excellence

Established in 1999, The Ranch mental health center is nationally recognized for its blend of traditional and experiential therapies. The Ranch is Joint Commission accredited, meaning it meets rigorous quality and service standards.

Take your recovery outside the box. Find hope and healing through a one-of-a-kind treatment experience at The Ranch treatment center. Call us. We can help.