1. Many people can plan time away from work during the holidays more easily.
  2. If you have seen previous holidays ruined by alcohol or drugs, the shift toward recovery this same time of year can “reset” family feelings about holidays in the future . They come to be seen as the time of year when everything changed for the better, rather than something to dread because mom-dad-sis-uncle Joe ruined it yet again.
  3. If you have an eating disorder, the holidays can be extremely distressing. Food is everywhere – a lot of it very unhealthy foods – and family gatherings seem to revolve around excessive eating and drinking.

 Why Come to The Ranch This Holiday Season?

Albert doesn’t always get to wear a Santa hat, but this time of year everything at the Ranch focuses on ensuring you remember this as one of the most amazing holidays you have ever experienced.

The holidays bring up a lot of feelings for people – powerful memories, some good and some bad. They also represent thankfulness, family, and a wrapping up of the year so to speak. These truths become metaphors during the treatment process, and for many the transformation during treatment is magnified in the highly emotional and meaningful months of November and December.

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