What Is Involved in Drug Testing

In most cases, when you are required to pass a drug test, you will be asked for a sample of urine. Employers and school athletic programs typically test for five street drugs, including opiates, cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines and PCP. Sometimes testing is done for additional drugs, including barbiturates or benzodiazepines. Besides testing urine, drug tests can also be done using hair, sweat, oral fluids and blood.

Masking Products and Drug Tests

A variety of masking products, such as detox pills or liquids, are available that claim to help users pass or distort drug tests. Most of these are directed at passing urine tests, but there are newer products that aim to help users pass tests on oral fluids or hair as well. For the most part, these products do not work and would not be helpful if you were subjected to random drug testing. They are also very expensive.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the detox products that do work are able to be identified on drug tests. If you pass a drug test because of a detox pill and the product itself is identified on the drug test, you would still be under suspicion of drug use. Some testing programs consider the presence of a masking product to be a positive drug test, so for this reason, using detox pills is not an effective method for passing drug tests.


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