The Ranch will continue to be a premier healing and recovery program specializing in trauma, mood, addictive, and eating disorders treatment. I am confident in the management and clinical teams and their ability to carry on the compassionate integrative wellness approach that has earned us our reputation for excellence in patient care. You can rest confidently in the Ranch’s dedication and commitment to you and to our clients.

I am also grateful and appreciative of the ongoing support from the owners of the Ranch. They have allowed the space and opportunity to support, develop, and be apart of a world class team.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you and help guide The Ranch during my time. I continue to be humbled and honored to be a part of the professional therapeutic and treatment community. I believe in what we do and welcome the challenges our generation faces with the healing movement. I look forward to continuing to learn, advocate, and carry the message of hope to those in need of our service. The Ranch and you are a big part of the foundation that for me continues to be life changing.


Miles Adcox, MS


Choose a better life. Choose recovery.