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Who is The Ranch Mississippi and What Do We Do?

June 14, 2012 Articles

COPAC helps patients and their families overcome the life-crippling effects of addiction by providing a multidisciplinary, medically-guided approach that heals the person, not just the problem.


Nationally recognized, COPAC, INC. is a comprehensive residential care facility for the treatment of chemically dependent adults. COPAC’s gender specific programs are designed to help patients deal with dual diagnosis, cross addiction, dysfunctional family issues, sober living skills, chronic relapse and compulsive gambling. COPAC maintains the highest level of professional multidisciplinary treatment, is JCAHO accredited and approved by many insurance companies, while providing one of the most cost effective plans in the field today.

COPAC is located in a secluded area of Mississippi offering a variety of programs and services for adults:

  • Detox: a 5 to 10 day medically supervised detoxification for chemically dependent adults.
  • SEAR – (Stabilize, Educate, Assess, Refer) – a 14 day program for individuals who require an immediate, intensive approach to the treatment of addiction. It includes: history and physical, drug screen, psychiatric screening, identify relapse triggers, treatment planning and the referral to appropriate resources.
  • Primary – An in-depth journey of healing from the life-crippling effects of addiction, divided into four optional phases.
    • Phase I – A structured, inpatient treatment program focused on evaluation and stabilization, while developing treatment goals and objectives.
    • Phase II – The medically monitored treatment plan is implemented, including education, group counseling, individual therapy, non-chemical coping skills, 12-Step educational groups and meetings, a physical activities program, adventure therapy, on-going psychiatric evaluation, and a personalized goal-setting program.
    • Phase III – The patient prepares for return to family and career, living in a monitored recovery residence. The patient is assigned daily mirror therapy or service opportunities, attends group and individual therapy, and is required to attend 12-Step meetings.
    • Phase IV – Patients in school or work during the day and have group and individual therapy in the evenings in addition to attending 12-Step meetings while living in a low structured, home environment.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program: A comprehensive treatment program that allows patients to maintain the day-to-day responsibilities of their lives, including employment. The program includes individual therapy, group therapy, random drug screens and an Aftercare Program.
  • Dual Diagnosis Program: Designed for chemically dependent patients who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. Treatment includes psychiatric evaluation, medication management and Dual Diagnosis group therapy.
  • Compulsive Gambling Program: A 30 day program (Outpatient or Inpatient) that has helped many compulsive gamblers return to a balanced path in life. It includes education, stepwork, group therapy, individual gambling therapy, and an introduction to the 12-Step program.
  • Professionals Program: A program designed for chemically dependent physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, attorneys, business executives and other professionals to engage them in the process of recovery from the physical and emotional effects of their disease.

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