How Is Christian Rehab Different From Non-Christian Rehab?

Both Christian and non-Christian rehab will focus on the principles of recovery, namely the 12 steps, and both will encourage recovering addicts to develop a relationship with a higher power. Christian programs, however, will specifically identify this higher power as the Trinity—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christian programs will also incorporate the study of the Bible, the message of the Gospel, Christian fellowship and other practices such as prayer and attending church or other faith-based recovery groups.

In Christian rehab, as recovering addicts are working through the 12 steps, they are also developing their personal Christian faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. This brings great richness to the process of recovery and helps to integrate the principles and practices of Christianity with those of 12-step recovery.

Why Do We Need Christian Rehab?

The goal of rehab and recovery is not only to stop drinking or using drugs, but also to change the very direction of our lives. Ultimately, we want to know God, grow in our relationship with Him and begin to live lives that honor Him. This is the backbone of our recovery.

Christian recovery programs helps to facilitate this relationship while helping addicts to seek biblical wisdom on addiction and recovery. Many of us have been Christians, but we’ve watched our addiction make shipwreck of our faith. Christian rehab can help to put us back on the path of faith. We come to know God’s love and grace for addicts while studying the Bible and reestablishing our Christian spiritual practices.

Is Christian Rehab Only for Christians?

Not at all! While those who have a Christian background may be most attracted to a Christian program of recovery, Christian rehab for alcohol and drug addiction is open to all. Many addicts, though not committed Christians, are curious about Christianity or desire to be Christians. Christian rehab centers can be the place to begin establishing your new, sober life with God. There you will begin to learn who God is and how a relationship with Him can set you free. You will come to understand the Gospel and God’s promises to you in the Bible. You may begin to attend church and will have the opportunity to build your recovery fellowship among other believers.

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