Holidays and Eating Disorders

3 Things People With Eating Disorders Need During the Holidays

It’s hard to think of the holidays without thinking of food and lots of it. During this season, there is plenty of togetherness for families, friends and coworkers and just about every get-together is centered around food. More food is prepared, provided and shared than anyone needs. For many people, it’s a time for extreme […]

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Mindfulness Parenting

Five Tips for Mindfulness Parenting in Recovery

Being a parent can be trying on a good day, crazy-making on a bad one. Even the wisest, most emotionally mature, fully actualized Zen master armed with every possible warm nurturing instinct can at some point drop the mantle of infinite calm and morph into the Incredible Hulk when dealing with rambunctious kids or surly […]

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Strange Eating Disorders

You Ate What? The Truth Behind Strange Eating Disorders

We all know kids who are “picky eaters” — the boy who will eat only hot dogs or the girl who refuses to eat anything but chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs. We also know that kids will usually outgrow this behavior. But what about adults with strange eating habits? There’s the guy in […]

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Bulimia and Substance Abuse
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Infidelity and Relationships

Adultery Still a Criminal Offense at Home and Abroad

Early in 2015, South Korea became the most recent Asian country to repeal its laws criminalizing adultery, making Taiwan and the Philippines the only Asian countries where adultery remains illegal. Most countries around the world have also decriminalized marital infidelity, although a few still officially consider it to be a crime even if they choose […]

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Porn and Sex Addiction
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Alcoholism and Death Rates

Alcoholism: A Slow Suicide

Those who have experience with addiction—either their own or that of a loved one—will often comment that alcoholism is a slow suicide. What do they mean by this? Consistently and persistently overconsuming alcohol is certainly unhealthy, but can it really be compared to putting a gun to one’s head?

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Ozzy Osbourne and Sex Addiction

Multiply Addicted Ozzy: Typical of Sexual Addiction

Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S With Ozzy Osbourne’s recent revelation that he’s seeking treatment for sexual addiction, my first reaction, as an addiction treatment specialist, was to think, “I’ve seen this progression before, where a person who’s gotten sober from alcohol and/or drugs must later get sober from sex addiction, too.” Sometimes these men and women […]

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Free Your Body of Trauma and Shame

Free Your Body of Trauma Response, Conquer Your Shame

By Christie Bates Often clients will say to me that they’re not so sure about this “trauma resolution” stuff. It’s very body-based, and people usually bring a lot of heady intellectual intelligence into therapy. They may be aware that they are carrying shame as a result of trauma but have little understanding of the fact […]

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love addict

What Love Addicts Are Trying to Get From Relationships

If you are a love addict, you are addicted to being in love. Your relationships are the center of your universe, and you don’t feel complete unless you are in a committed relationship. If one relationship ends, you are devastated, but you immediately look to fill that hole in your heart with another relationship. As […]

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