avoidant-restrictive food intake disorder
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anxiety disorder treatments

Anxiety Disorder Treatment: Getting Past Social Phobia

Not many mental health issues create as much acute distress as anxiety — because anxiety combines intense physical as well as emotional symptoms. Anxiety disorder treatments, however, are accessible and effective. When social phobia is the specific anxiety disorder you’re fighting, it can be extra challenging, since fears about being in public and being around […]

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Mental Health Retreats for Treatment

Why Mental Health Retreats Aren’t Just for Celebrities

When you think of mental health retreats, you probably think of relaxing getaways for celebrities. Indeed, the rich and famous periodically need to step away from the public eye and mentally recharge, but going to a mental health retreat can be healing (and affordable) for anyone who has major depression, including non-celebrities.

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Hidden Mental Illness

Bipolar Men: How Successful Businessmen Hide Mental Illness

About 2.6 % of the U.S. adult population is affected by bipolar disorder, according to National Institute of Mental Health. The condition can be very challenging to deal with and carries a heavy stigma in today’s society. For bipolar men hoping to be successful in the world of business, this stigma creates pressure to keep […]

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Common Co-Occurring Disorders

Most Common Co-Occurring Disorders

Although mental health disorders and substance use disorders are different from one another, they often coexist together. Many individuals who struggle with problems like stress or depression often resort to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. On the other hand, individuals who have drug and alcohol dependency issues can suffer from severely damaged mental […]

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Equine Therapy and Helping Veterans

How Equine Therapy Helps Veterans

For veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, equine therapy is a promising treatment method. Communicating with such a powerful yet gentle animal is a new experience for many veterans, who soon find that the therapeutic benefits are pretty amazing.

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Binge Eating and Drunk Eating

What Is Binge Eating? How to Stop ‘Drunk Eating’

There’s always a friend when you’re out drinking who instigates it: the midnight munchie run. It’s next to impossible not to nod in agreement as they exclaim, “Who wants to get Taco Bell?!” as you’re finishing off your last round of drinks at the bar. Three tacos, a bean and cheese burrito, and one order […]

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Discontinued Addiction Treatment

Discontinued Treatments: Why They’re Not in Use

Due to the disastrous effects methamphetamine has had on society, there have been numerous attempts to create a successful methamphetamine addiction treatment or cure. However, no such medical treatment has been discovered so far. Nonetheless, many drug manufacturers and companies have continued to push discontinued and disproven treatments.

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Bipolar Two Disorder

When Does Bipolar Type 2 Manifest?

As with most mental health concerns, bipolar type 2 typically manifests during the teenage years or one’s early 20s. However, because bipolar disorder is characterized by mood swings, which teenagers are naturally prone to experience thanks to hormones, it often remains undiagnosed and unaddressed until the individual is a little older.

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Panic Attacks in Children

How to Know If Your Child Is Having Panic Attacks

“Mommy, I don’t feel good.” These words strike concern in every parent or caregiver’s heart, but when the symptoms include a galloping heart rate and shortness of breath, it can be very difficult to correctly identify the source as anxiety and panic attacks. Panic attacks come on suddenly and are frightening for children and caregivers […]

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