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Uncommon Therapies to Get You Out of a Rut

Do you ever feel like you’re not making progress in therapy? Maybe you return with the same concerns every few weeks and can’t seem to move past them. Perhaps you feel uninspired by your therapist or are tired of talking things over all the time. This “therapy rut” is a frustrating place to be. You […]

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How Equine Therapy Helps Veterans

For veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, equine therapy is a promising treatment method. Communicating with such a powerful yet gentle animal is a new experience for many veterans, who soon find that the therapeutic benefits are pretty amazing.

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How Love Addiction Keeps You From Finding True Love

  Love addiction is a tricky thing. You can convince yourself that you just love love. But if your love of love, romance, dating and a bad partner start to interfere with your life, you have to admit that you have a problem. Perhaps the saddest thing about having a love addiction is that it […]

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Cyber Sex Addiction and Test

Efforts to Avoid Porn Can Actually Promote Cybersex Addiction

Recent evidence from a team of German scientists indicates that purposeful attempts to avoid pornographic material on the Internet can potentially promote the onset of cybersex addiction, just like a tendency to actively seek out pornographic material. People with cybersex addiction have a form of behavioral addiction centered on the use of modern Internet technology […]

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PTSD and Personal Trauma Taught Me How to Help Others

By Timothy L. Hook, LMSW, CSAT-C, Primary Therapist at The Ranch Trauma and PTSD can devastate individuals. It also pulls families apart. I know this all too well, not just as a counselor at The Ranch, but as someone who’s been exposed to it through childhood trauma and military deployments. You’d think that 14 deployments […]

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6 Transformational Lessons of Addiction Therapy

By Alisha Irby, MS, Primary Therapist, Men’s Co-Occurring Disorders Program at the Ranch Sometimes people do not succeed on the first try for sobriety — or the seventh — and then, one day, timing or circumstances bring a new opportunity to truly begin the journey of a lifetime of recovery. As you travel down this […]

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Exposing Infidelity

Deception and Control Dominate Signs of Sex Addiction

For people with sex addiction, sex comes to overshadow all other aspects of their lives. And yet, simply having a lot of sex is not the most significant or most reliable sign of sex addiction. Instead, it’s the things that go along with frequent sexual activity that suggest sex has gone from being a healthy […]

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6 Ways High Ropes Therapy Helps You Fly Out of Your Comfort Zone

By Megan Repass, MS, LADAC-II, CCM, EAGALA-C, Director of Adventure and Equine Therapy at The Ranch Laurel nervously climbed the tall pole. Once she made it to the top she tried to balance her weight on the small platform. Her ultimate destination was back down ― but the ground was 80 feet below and jumping […]

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