Woman with Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder Relapse Statistics: How Common Is Relapse?

Eating disorders — anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and other eating disorders — are often treated successfully. Eating disorder treatments, including medication, psychotherapy and holistic care at inpatient facilities, all tend to demonstrate some success, at least in the short term. But what about relapse? How common is it for people suffering from […]

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Common Co-Occurring Disorders
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Woman with Cyclothymia Disorder

Cyclothymia Disorder in Women

If you’ve ever been accused of being “moody” and wondered if your moods cross the line from normal ups and downs to an actual mood disorder, you may have a condition called cyclothymia, or cyclothymic disorder. There is no cyclothymia test you can take to determine if this is the case, but you can be […]

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ProAna Thinspiration
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Drug addiction and addiction to pills

How Impulsivity Can Make You More Prone to Addiction

Impulsivity is a formal term for impulsive behavior. While almost everyone acts impulsively some of the time, people with a high degree of impulsivity routinely act in this manner. One of the known problems in highly impulsive individuals is an increased chance of developing diagnosable symptoms of addiction or non-addicted substance abuse. A brief rundown […]

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Porn Addiction

How Pornography Addiction Affects the Brain

Pornography addiction is addictive behavior in which you may attempt to escape from emotional pain by viewing pornography in a compulsive way. Porn addicts typically spend as many as 11-12 hours a week viewing pornography, with or without masturbation. Like other addictive behavior, pornography addiction can quickly take over your life, becoming the most important […]

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Anxiety treatments for pregnant women

Effective Anxiety Treatments While Pregnant

Anxiety disorders are among the most common psychological disorders and they affect twice as many women as men. Also, 30% of women who become pregnant suffer from anxiety disorders. In fact, pregnancy can create or increase anxiety in women. Symptoms can, however, be successfully treated with available anxiety treatments so people who suffer from the […]

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Ketamine Chemical Components

3 Mental Health Disorders Ketamine May Help Treat

Ketamine is an anesthetic that has been used primarily in pediatric surgical settings and veterinary medicine. An interesting property of ketamine is that it affects a set of receptors utilizing glutamate in the central nervous system and brain that govern mood, memory, learning and other functions. This discovery of ketamine’s effects has led to a […]

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Senior Group with Delusional Disorders

Delusional Disorders in the Elderly Statistics

Delusional disorders are confusing for those afflicted and for their loved ones. If you or someone you care about seems to be suffering from a delusional disorder, learn the differences between similar illnesses and how common delusional disorders are for people over the age of 65.

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Couple Recovering in Rehab
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