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Alcohol abuse ravages families, leaving long-lasting emotional scars. Families are a unit, and when one individual is hurting and acting destructively, it impacts everyone. Here are just some of the effects of alcoholism on families. Marriage and Alcoholism Statistics: Does Alcohol Break Up Relationships? “He’s a happy drunk.” “She’s an angry drunk.” Whatever the case […]

With the United States in the midst of an opioid epidemic and more states easing restrictions on marijuana, the subject of drug abuse and addiction has received an enormous amount of media attention in recent years. Addiction, however, has been with us for a long time. Even late into the 19th century, the problem of […]

Recovering from addiction depends on admitting and accepting that the way you have been doing things isn’t working. Chances are if you could have stopped drinking and drugging long term on your own, you would have. It’s time to take a new approach, and this new approach depends on surrender. The idea of surrendering to […]

Impulsivity is a formal term for impulsive behavior. While almost everyone acts impulsively some of the time, people with a high degree of impulsivity routinely act in this manner. One of the known problems in highly impulsive individuals is an increased chance of developing diagnosable symptoms of addiction or non-addicted substance abuse. A brief rundown […]

“Maybe you drank a little too much last night.” What you really mean is I was completely mortified, embarrassed and humiliated in front of our friends last night.

Widely prescribed and widely abused, Xanax is a highly addictive drug that can get its hooks into its victims at lightning speed. Many users who start out taking the drug for an anxiety disorder or insomnia end up in Xanax addiction treatment programs, wondering how they let it sneak up on them to steal their […]

Men often feel that society expects them to be strong and in charge at all times. If you are like most men, from the time you were a little boy, you were probably told that it’s not OK to cry or to lose control of yourself on an emotional level. This may have made it […]

Alcohol and drug detox are no walk in the park, but the proper medical care and research-backed medications can make the experience significantly better — and safer. You shouldn’t let the fear of detox prevent you from getting the help you need to get sober. Here’s why. Myths About Drug and Alcohol Detox Movies and […]

Religion has taken a hit in modern times. Fewer people associate with a particular religion or attend services, but that doesn’t mean that we have turned away from a higher power. Many of us have simply shifted from being religious to being spiritual. The beauty of spirituality is that it means whatever you want it […]

We’ve come to the end of ourselves in addiction. We’ve admitted desperation, powerlessness, sin and rebellion. We’ve recommitted our hearts to Christ and put our lives on the straight and narrow. We’re repairing the damage. Everything is going well, or at least it’s getting better.