Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism


How to Help a Suicidal Recovering Addict

One of the biggest risk factors for suicide is substance abuse. It may seem like an addict who has gotten help, gone through rehab and is in recovery would be safe from suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, the addict in recovery still has a long and tough road ahead, and suicide is still a risk. If you […]

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Nashville Universities, Police and Bars Crack Down on Underage, Binge Drinking

College students out-drink other young people, often with disastrous consequences, and schools and officials are fighting back. The goal is to change the culture of college drinking, to prevent underage drinking and limit dangerous binge drinking. The issue of binge-drinking students is not new, but the recent newsworthy stories of sexual assaults and other kinds […]

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Vitamin D Deficiency Greatly Increases Risk for Alcoholic Hepatitis

New findings from a team of French researchers point to a substantial increase in alcoholic hepatitis risks in alcohol-dependent people with severe vitamin D deficiencies. Significant numbers of people who routinely consume excessive amounts of alcohol will develop alcoholic hepatitis, one of three interrelated conditions jointly known as alcoholic liver disease. In a study published […]

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More Americans Are Becoming Heavy Drinkers

A recent study maps out drinking county-by-county in the United States and finds that there are big variations in drinking patterns across the country, with binge drinking and other heavy drinking patterns on the rise overall. Published in the American Journal of Public Health, the study finds that heavy drinking among Americans is up more […]

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Signs That It’s Time to Quit Drinking

As an adult, you may feel that consuming alcoholic beverages is your right. Drinking helps you relax. It lowers your inhibitions and helps you feel connected to others in social circles. You admit that you sometimes drink a little more than you should, but who hasn’t? Everyone you know has overindulged on one or more […]

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Christians Fighting Alcoholism

Anyone struggling with alcoholism can agree that the struggle is no less than an all-out war. The disease continually beats down the addict, as he or she watches their life, job, family, relationships and self-respect wither away and deteriorate. The best of intentions, the most logical plans and the wisest advice fall far short of […]

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Binge Drinking Deaths More Common in Older Men

We often assume that binge drinking is a problem associated with young people—the underage millennials guzzling Four Lokos—but in reality, deaths from alcohol poisoning are more common in older men, according to CDC data. It seems we have been putting too much emphasis on the problem of excessive drinking among youth and missing the true […]

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