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If you experience anxiety after a night of heavy drinking, you’re not alone. Colloquially coined “hangxiety,” many binge drinkers feel hyperarousal in the form of stress, shakes, guilt and worry from heavy drinking. Learn some of the reasons behind hangover anxiety. What Causes Hangover Anxiety? If you’re binge drinking or drinking several days a week, alcohol could be […]

People abuse alcohol because addiction is a chronic disease of the brain. There are a number of factors that contribute to the onset and perpetuation of alcohol abuse.

Do you need a little extra motivation to begin your recovery journey? Even if you feel healthy now, soon the effects of alcohol abuse on your body will be impossible to ignore. Here are just some of the health risks caused by alcoholism.

“Relapse is a part of recovery.” This idiom was recited time and again in the inpatient treatment center where I spent 30 days in January 2008. The other thing I heard a lot was “addiction is a chronic disease.” Meaning that this alcoholism/addiction thing I had wasn’t going anywhere. There were treatments for it, yes, […]

By Sara Schapmann Survival and self-preservation are human instincts. While no one dreams of becoming an alcoholic when they grow up, sometimes it happens, and usually for good reason. Counterintuitive as it is, alcohol abuse can be an unconscious survival mechanism. If you never learned proper coping skills to navigate life’s challenges or had the […]

If you’ve ever had a hangover, you know that detoxing from alcohol can be an unpleasant affair. If you’re deciding to stop drinking and enter recovery, you may be wondering “How long does alcohol withdrawal last? Is there anything I can do to make it go faster?”

Few things are more devastating for Christian parents than having their sons or daughters end up as addicts. Not only is there the agony for the child’s troubled condition, there is the personal shame and the constant questioning: Where did we go wrong?

There are an estimated 18 million children of alcoholic parents in the United States. About 7.5 million, more than 10%, are children under the age of 18. And, per the National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACOA) every second of every hour, two more babies are born to addicted parents.

People who drink excessive amounts of alcohol can develop the symptoms of psychosis (hallucinations and/or delusional thinking) while intoxicated or in a state of withdrawal. They can also develop a distinct condition called alcohol-induced psychotic disorder or alcohol-induced psychotic syndrome (AIPS). The development of AIPS is a very serious occurrence that can lead to poor […]

One of the biggest risk factors for suicide is substance abuse. It may seem like an addict who has gotten help, gone through rehab and is in recovery would be safe from suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, the addict in recovery still has a long and tough road ahead, and suicide is still a risk. If you […]