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April 20 is upon us, and if you have acquaintances who mark “4/20” on their calendars each year in anticipation of “Weed Day,” you’ve heard the mantra: “Marijuana is harmless.”

Widely prescribed and widely abused, Xanax is a highly addictive drug that can get its hooks into its victims at lightning speed. Many users who start out taking the drug for an anxiety disorder or insomnia end up in Xanax addiction treatment programs, wondering how they let it sneak up on them to steal their […]

Prescription painkillers aren’t the only medicines being abused across America. Stimulants like Adderall are widely abused as “study drugs” – especially among college students – and can be just as deadly. Although all students are at risk, medical schools are particularly competitive and stressful environments, so it’s no surprise that Adderall abuse is an especially […]

You’ve probably heard a lot about methamphetamine in the news and on television shows, but do you know the facts about meth? Here are five facts that will make you never want to smoke meth.

There are several meth addiction treatment options available today. Fortunately, substance abuse and recovery programs have become a top priority for the federal government and state governments, which means there is a vast amount of funding for researching and treating substance abuse. If you are looking for a meth addiction treatment program, consider one of […]

Prescription amphetamine abuse nearly doubled between 2008 and 2013. Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta and other amphetamine medications have become an increasing problem. Adderall heart attacks, stroke, circulatory issues and seizures are some of the most extreme complications that can arise from overuse and abuse.

Maybe Peter, one of the 12 disciples, had a loved one with an addiction. After all, the question he puts to Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew is one that can plague many who, in an effort to love a friend or family member with a substance use disorder, wonder about the limits of Christian […]

Due to the disastrous effects methamphetamine has had on society, there have been numerous attempts to create a successful methamphetamine addiction treatment or cure. However, no such medical treatment has been discovered so far. Nonetheless, many drug manufacturers and companies have continued to push discontinued and disproven treatments.

For most of us, when we started drinking or perhaps experimenting with a drug, it was fun—something we did socially or as a way to relieve stress. Few people turn into addicts overnight, so there was a period of time that might have been considered enjoyable, recreational and social. And for some people, drinking, and […]

Not all addicts cheat on their partners, but it is common. Addicts who cheat have many excuses for doing so, but the real, underlying motivations are more difficult to uncover. If you are in love with an addict and have already experienced infidelity, or if you’re concerned that you might be cheated on, it helps […]