Recovery at The Ranch


Finding Self-Confidence After Sex Addiction

Jacob likes to say that his father was the only person in his family allowed to express emotion, although the only emotion he expressed was anger. If the paperboy missed the driveway, his father raged. If the pasta was overcooked, rage. If Jacob stuttered while trying to answer his father’s demanding questions, more rage. Rage […]

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Dogs as Addiction Treatment

No, a dog can’t cure your addiction. But a dog can be a constant and loyal companion, a powerful tool for controlling stress and anxiety, and an animal that needs your care and love. These attributes make dogs important instruments for mental and emotional wellness. As an addict, a dog won’t cure you or be […]

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Mindfulness in Recovery at The Ranch

Prayer and meditation have long been the underpinning of many fine addiction and mental health treatment programs. Due to the research that shows the efficacy of mindfulness in relieving a wide range of suffering, The Ranch has taken this a step further. We have developed a program dedicated to training all clients in basic mindfulness […]

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How Equine Therapy Helps in the Treatment of Alcoholism

Encouraging patients to interact with animals isn’t a new concept in medicine. You likely have heard news stories of therapy dogs visiting pediatric hospitals or a cat that lives among nursing home residents. Now, addiction treatment specialists are using horses to help alcoholics find sobriety. If you or a loved one needs treatment for alcohol […]

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How to Work Step Seven

Humbly asked Him [God] to remove our shortcomings. Step seven is the logical continuation of step six, wherein addicts delineate their character defects and become willing to live without them. In step seven, as one might expect, addicts begin the process of actually getting rid of those shortcomings. In most respects, working step seven is […]

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How To Work Step Five

We admitted to God, to Ourselves, and to Another Human Being the Exact Nature of Our Wrongs. Step five is the simplest of steps to work, yet it is without doubt among the most difficult to do. Addicts who’ve completed step four have put together an inventory of their wrongdoings, character defects, weaknesses, fears, and […]

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How To Work Step Four

Made a Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory of Ourselves Most active addicts consider themselves to be victims, and they use that stance as justification for drinking, using, and/or engaging in other compulsive/addictive behaviors. Nobody understands me, therefore I drink and use. My boss hates me. I think I’ll get even by showing up high. My […]

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