Sex Addiction

Porn and Sex Addiction
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Ozzy Osbourne and Sex Addiction

Multiply Addicted Ozzy: Typical of Sexual Addiction

Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S With Ozzy Osbourne’s recent revelation that he’s seeking treatment for sexual addiction, my first reaction, as an addiction treatment specialist, was to think, “I’ve seen this progression before, where a person who’s gotten sober from alcohol and/or drugs must later get sober from sex addiction, too.” Sometimes these men and women […]

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Is All Pornography Use Unhealthy?

There is no getting around the fact that a significant percentage of Americans watch pornography or have watched pornography in the past. But a large percentage also disapprove of pornography on the grounds that it is unhealthy or immoral. In fact, the percentage of people who say that they do not approve of porn is […]

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Sex and Love Addiction

Are There Gender Differences in Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction may not be officially diagnosable, but enough experts have treated patients with sex issues to know that the condition manifests in different ways in men and women. Men and women also cope with sex addiction in different ways, react uniquely to sex addiction in a partner and respond differently to treatment. If you […]

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Female Cybersex Addict

Significant Overlap Seen in Addictions to Cybersex, Internet

The symptoms of cybersex addiction overlap with a generally addictive and dysfunctional pattern of Internet use, according to new findings from a team of French researchers. Cybersex addiction is an informal term sometimes used to describe cases of sex addiction that center on dysfunctional consumption of pornography or other sex-related resources accessed through

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Signs You Are Heading Straight for an Affair

Not everyone realizes that they are on the road to an affair until it happens. Nevertheless, there are clear warning signs that your relationship is on the rocks and that you may find yourself cheating on your partner if the opportunity presents itself. Recognizing some of these warning signs can help you to realize that […]

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3 Key Takeaways From Terry Crews’ Porn Addiction Videos

Actor, director and former NFL player Terry Crews has long been open about the pornography addiction that once ruled his life and almost ruined his marriage. But now hes opening up in even more detail in a series of videos designed to explain the realities of pornography addiction and to encourage others experiencing the same […]

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Men More Likely to Become Addicted to Cybersex

Men and women maintain different patterns of pornography use and cybersex use and have differing chances of suffering related declines in the ability to form intimate relationships, according to new findings from a team of Israeli and French researchers.

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You, Me & Pornography: Is There a Place for Porn in Modern Relationships?

According to many recent reports, pornography is destroying countless otherwise healthy relationships. But is it true? Porn has existed in one form or another for centuries but online porn is affecting people earlier and in more pronounced ways. Still, experts say there is a place for porn (if desired) in most modern relationships.

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