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Men are not the only ones with intimacy disorders. Women also have issues with love and sex. While much research and attention has gone to studying men and pornography, women’s porn addiction is a trend that cannot be ignored.

By Karen Brownd, CSAT, Director of the Center for Relationship and Sexual Recovery and Associate Clinical Director at The Ranch Recent accusations of sexual misconduct by celebrities have led to unprecedented revelations of sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse, and questions about the difference between sex addiction vs. sex offender. Many men in prominent positions have […]

By Tommy Williams, LADAC, ASAT-C, Primary Therapist, Men’s Sexual Addiction Program, The Ranch The headlines are filled with stories of high-powered men who are accused of being sexual predators, aggressors and harassers. Many of them are famous and successful men at the top of their professions.  Most have wives and children and financial freedom. They […]

On the heels of controversial celebrities like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey signing up for rehab after being accused of sexual misconduct, Dr. Mehmet Oz devoted a portion of “The Dr. Oz Show” on Nov. 16 to the topic.

By Tommy Williams, LADAC, ASAT-C, Primary Therapist, Men’s Sexual Addiction Program, The Ranch When John was 10, he heard his father and mother arguing. He protected his younger brother by bringing him into his room to watch TV but John sat on the stairs listening. He heard yelling and things like: “It’s over,” and “I’m […]

Women make up a fairly small percentage of the number of people who seek help for sex addiction. However, when they do seek sex addiction counseling, women can potentially receive unique benefits from programs that offer gender-specific treatment. That’s true, in large part, because affected women typically experience different symptoms than affected men. In addition, […]

Pornography addiction is addictive behavior in which you may attempt to escape from emotional pain by viewing pornography in a compulsive way. Porn addicts typically spend as many as 11-12 hours a week viewing pornography, with or without masturbation. Like other addictive behavior, pornography addiction can quickly take over your life, becoming the most important […]

Doctors can use a procedure known as an implicit association test to help identify those individuals likely affected by cybersex addiction, according to new findings from a team of German researchers.

The cycles of behavior exhibited by people with sex addiction are often connected to traumatic childhood experiences, particularly attachment-related trauma that continues to impair their ability to form healthy interpersonal relationships.

People addicted to sex engage in sexual thoughts, fantasies and behaviors that make it difficult for them to retain a sense of well-being and function well in important aspects of daily life. Unlike many mental health issues, sex addiction does not have an official definition used by all doctors when making a diagnosis. Despite this […]