How Many People Are In Your Relationship?

You meet the person of your dreams. Your heart pitter patters. Your brain becomes awash in rapidly rising levels of phenylethylamine, oxytocin and dopamine. You’re suddenly hit by cravings, the likes of which you might have only experienced when gripped by substances you’ve chosen to leave behind.

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Feel Better, Drink Less with Deep Breathing

-Tori Rodriguez The quest for well-being can be a lot of work, but it turns out there’s a quick and simple – and free – way to get a powerful health boost. Bonus: You’re doing it right now.

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Mindfulness Therapy Can Reduce Opioid Use with Chronic Pain Patients

Over 30 percent of Americans are living with some form of chronic pain. Long-term pain is often treated with prescription opioids, which are synthetic drugs that produce pain numbing effects akin to morphine. They are called opioids because of their chemical similarity to morphine and other opiates. Using these powerful drugs long-term can lead to addiction, […]

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Talking Through Trauma an Important Part of Healing

Post-traumatic stress disorder is one emotional reaction to having lived through an intense experience. Certainly the horror and stress of war are capable of affecting a person long after the immediacy of battle has passed. But war is far from the only trauma which can imprint on a person’s emotional state. Trauma can take many […]

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Art Therapy Helps Heal Recovering Addicts

The pain, struggle and trauma associated with drug addiction can be difficult to put into words. Art therapy is the practice of engaging a client through the use of creative media, including collage, painting, drawing, pastels, sculpture and other forms of expression as a part of a treatment program. Recovering addicts, troubled teens and anyone […]

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How You Can Overcome Anger

Often by the time women are forced to deal with anger problems – either in anger management classes or in therapy for a combination of other concerns – they have been dealing with the consequences of their anger for some time. These women have been made to feel that they are the problem – the […]

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All In the Family: Parents with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Growing up is tough these days. But navigating the winding pathways through childhood and adolescence with a parent who suffers from a mental disorder can be devastating psychologically. At the same time, children often report developing strengths and “spiritual reserves” to help them cope. The experience of children being parented by an adult with obsessive […]

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When Fear for Your Safety Becomes Your Prison: Learning to Let Go and Live Again

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans are killed or injured in accidents, and thousands more become victims of violent crime. Our daily papers are filled with terrible stories of murder, rape, armed robbery, carjackings, and fatal car crashes, while television news program directors in search of ratings are dedicated to the grim motto “if […]

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ECT – Weighing the Pros and Cons

If medication and therapy aren’t helping your depression, or severe manic episodes are destroying your life – or that of a loved one – despite treatment, then you need to find a better treatment option. For some people, the answer for severe mood symptoms is electroconvulsive therapy.

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Understanding the Role of Heredity in Depression

From red-haired curls to big blue eyes, certain characteristics run in families. But not every inherited trait is as harmless as hair color. Some families struggle with a darker legacy: depression. People who live with this disorder aren’t just blue; they often feel hopeless, helpless, and, in the most serious cases, suicidal. The symptoms of […]

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