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By Megan Repass, MS, LADAC-II, CCM, EAGALA-C, Director of Adventure and Equine Therapy at The Ranch Ana was in treatment for drug addiction and working on her tendency toward morbid rumination. Obsessive thought overwhelmed her, making it almost impossible for her to get out of her own head. But as someone who’d spent much of […]

By Megan Repass, MS, LADAC-II, CCM, EAGALA-C, Director of Adventure and Equine Therapy at The Ranch Laurel nervously climbed the tall pole. Once she made it to the top she tried to balance her weight on the small platform. Her ultimate destination was back down ― but the ground was 80 feet below and jumping […]

Labyrinth therapy can best be described as a meditative tool for achieving mental clarity. It can be helpful for a number of mental health disorders.

By Danielle Sukenik, LMFT, EAGALA Certified, Equine Therapist at The Ranch Some imagine equine-assisted psychotherapy is about galloping through the woods with the wind in their hair; however, it is actually a therapeutic process that is very different from a recreational trail ride or a visit to a dude ranch.

Brainspotting therapy has recently emerged as a promising new therapy for trauma victims. As mental health professionals progress in their understanding of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), brainspotting therapy has been of special interest due to the unique way this treatment activates specific areas of the brain.

You meet the person of your dreams. Your heart pitter patters. Your brain becomes awash in rapidly rising levels of phenylethylamine, oxytocin and dopamine. You’re suddenly hit by cravings, the likes of which you might have only experienced when gripped by substances you’ve chosen to leave behind.

-Tori Rodriguez The quest for well-being can be a lot of work, but it turns out there’s a quick and simple – and free – way to get a powerful health boost. Bonus: You’re doing it right now.

Over 30 percent of Americans are living with some form of chronic pain. Long-term pain is often treated with prescription opioids, which are synthetic drugs that produce pain numbing effects akin to morphine. They are called opioids because of their chemical similarity to morphine and other opiates. Using these powerful drugs long-term can lead to addiction, […]

Post-traumatic stress disorder is one emotional reaction to having lived through an intense experience. Certainly the horror and stress of war are capable of affecting a person long after the immediacy of battle has passed. But war is far from the only trauma which can imprint on a person’s emotional state. Trauma can take many […]

The pain, struggle and trauma associated with drug addiction can be difficult to put into words. Art therapy is the practice of engaging a client through the use of creative media, including collage, painting, drawing, pastels, sculpture and other forms of expression as a part of a treatment program. Recovering addicts, troubled teens and anyone […]