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Posted in Sex Addiction, Therapy

What Really Goes On in Sex Addiction Rehab?

Sex addiction treatment has become big a topic for public discussion due to many recent sexual misconduct allegations against prominent men. But it’s a term that is sometimes misunderstood or misused. Media reports that portray recovery as a summer camp for privileged men does not accurately reflect what typically happens in rehab.

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The Healing Power of Support Systems

Humans are not designed to live alone. From the earliest of times, they banded together in tribes and groups for mutual support, sustenance and community.

Modern life and technology have led to an epidemic of isolation. This is especially a challenge for people with addiction and/or mental illness, who can quickly spiral into their illness without support systems or support groups to help lift them up.

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Posted in Mental Health, Therapy

How to Select the Right Antidepressant Medication

Everyone knows that depressive disorders wreak havoc on your emotions, but did you know that depression can also impact your cognitive abilities? Making decisions may be more difficult if you’re suffering from depression, and that’s precisely when you need to make decisions about your antidepressant medication.

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woman looking depressed during christmas

Posted in Mental Health, Therapy

Coping With Depression During the Holidays

Not everyone is feeling the holiday spirit this time of year. Depression can strike anyone, even generally cheerful folks, and the stresses of the season can exacerbate existing depression.

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Posted in Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Mental Health, Therapy

Help for Christian Parents of Drug Addicts

Few things are more devastating for Christian parents than having their sons or daughters end up as addicts. Not only is there the agony for the child’s troubled condition, there is the personal shame and the constant questioning: Where did we go wrong?

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A girl wearing a blue shirt and a yellow helmet, zip lining down a forest.

Posted in Recovery at The Ranch, Tennessee, Therapy

3 Adventure Therapies for Addiction That Promote Spiritual Growth

By Megan Repass, MS, LADAC-II, CCM, EAGALA-C, Director of Adventure and Equine Therapy at The Ranch

Ana was in treatment for drug addiction and working on her tendency toward morbid rumination. Obsessive thought overwhelmed her, making it almost impossible for her to get out of her own head. But as someone who’d spent much of her life in the city, Ana didn’t find outdoor activities appealing. She hated bugs and she didn’t even feel comfortable with the smell of fresh air because it was so unfamiliar.

And then Ana walked the labyrinth.

She stepped mindfully and slowly, allowing herself to feel the earth with each step. Navigating the many unexpected turns forced Ana to focus on the task at hand, interrupting the thought patterns that had held her mind hostage. When Ana found her way to the center of the labyrinth, she imagined her pain being released into the earth. She then turned around and walked out the same way she came in, embracing a renewed attitude about the outdoors and a powerful sense of hope.

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experimental therapy

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6 Ways High Ropes Therapy Helps You Fly Out of Your Comfort Zone

By Megan Repass, MS, LADAC-II, CCM, EAGALA-C, Director of Adventure and Equine Therapy at The Ranch

Laurel nervously climbed the tall pole. Once she made it to the top she tried to balance her weight on the small platform. Her ultimate destination was back down ― but the ground was 80 feet below and jumping was her only route. Her heart was beating fast as she prepared herself for the “Leap of Faith,” a high ropes experience in the Adventure Therapy Program at The Ranch. Even though she was safely harnessed and attached to a belay rope, Laurel felt like it was a huge risk. That’s what made this experiential therapy so powerful.

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Common Co-Occurring Disorders

Posted in Articles, Therapy

Could Labyrinth Therapy Help Me?

Labyrinth therapy can best be described as a meditative tool for achieving mental clarity. It can be helpful for a number of mental health disorders.

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Horse for Equine Therapy

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10 Things Horses Teach Us About Our Relationships and Recovery

By Danielle Sukenik, LMFT, EAGALA Certified, Equine Therapist at The Ranch

Some imagine equine-assisted psychotherapy is about galloping through the woods with the wind in their hair; however, it is actually a therapeutic process that is very different from a recreational trail ride or a visit to a dude ranch.

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Brainspotting Therapy for Trauma Victims

Brainspotting therapy has recently emerged as a promising new therapy for trauma victims. As mental health professionals progress in their understanding of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), brainspotting therapy has been of special interest due to the unique way this treatment activates specific areas of the brain.

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