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Finding the Touchstone Memory: What Happens During an EMDR Session?

By Ginger Poag, MSW, LCSW, Trauma Therapist at The Ranch  I am passionate about EMDR therapy, also known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, because I have so often seen it change people’s lives. Many people I see at The Ranch have never heard about this trauma therapy and are naturally skeptical. They don’t think it’s going to […]

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Will MAT Expansion Help the Opioid Crisis?

By Brian Fuller, MD, Psychiatrist at The Ranch Tennessee

With the opioid crisis claiming thousands of lives every year, public officials and health care agencies are scrambling to find solutions to an epidemic that sees no end in sight.

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‘Me Too’: Women With Sexual Trauma Can Benefit From Therapeutic Support

By Ginger Poag, MSW, LCSW, Trauma Therapist at The Ranch

The “Me Too” movement is taking the world by storm. As more men are accused of sexual misconduct, more women are finding the confidence to voice their truth—a truth that requires sharing very personal stories of a difficult time in their lives.

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Men and Me Too: Men Admitting Sexual Abuse and Harassment Is Healing

By Ginger Poag, MSW, LCSW, Trauma Therapist at The Ranch

Men in power seem to be toppling over like dominos as more people come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct. One of the most surprising aspects of the “Me Too” movement is that men are now opening up about their experiences with sexual abuse and sexual harassment — at the hands of other men.

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Addicted Husbands: How High Powered Men Turn to Sex and Cheating

By Tommy Williams, LADAC, ASAT-C, Primary Therapist, Men’s Sexual Addiction Program, The Ranch

The headlines are filled with stories of high-powered men who are accused of being sexual predators, aggressors and harassers. Many of them are famous and successful men at the top of their professions.  Most have wives and children and financial freedom. They have access to most anything they want.

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How to Tell If Your Addicted Husband or Loved One Is In Denial

By Tommy Williams, LADAC, ASAT-C, Primary Therapist, Men’s Sexual Addiction Program, The Ranch

Denial. In the world of addiction, it’s a buffer against an unacceptable reality. It refers to a psychological mechanism or process that allows people to protect themselves from pain and keep something from their awareness. It plays an integral role in the beginning and progression of addictions of all kinds.

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7 Common Patterns in Love Addiction

By Jennifer Payne Guarino, LMFT, CSAT, Primary Therapist at The Ranch

Popular songs have been telling us for a very long time that love can be like a drug.

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Men and Recovery: 6 Benefits of Comradery and Community in Healing Addiction

By Tommy Williams, LADAC, ASAT-C, Primary Therapist, Men’s Sexual Addiction Program, The Ranch As a recovering addict, I understand what men go through in their journey to free themselves of addiction. I also know that comradery among men in rehab is an important part of the process of healing. Men, left to their own devices, […]

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Does “Forcing” a Loved One Into Treatment Work?

By Rodney Robertson, D. Min., M.A., M.Div., Director of Family Services at The Ranch

 Few people in active addiction wake up and say, “Today is a good day to start treatment.” Often people are pressured into addiction treatment by a loved one. But does this set them up to leave treatment early, or to relapse after treatment?

The short answer: not necessarily. Loved ones can set boundaries and ultimatums that compel a family member to get treatment but ultimately the client must develop some intrinsic motivation to get better in order for it to be effective and long-lasting. The good news is treatment is set up to help clients find their own motivation for getting better.

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The Miracle Question That Can Help Keep Sobriety on Track

By Alisha Irby, MS, Primary Therapist, Men’s Co-Occurring Disorders Program at The Ranch

Imagine that one night while you were asleep there was a miracle, and the problem that brought you here is solved. However, because you are asleep, you don’t know that the miracle has happened.  When you wake up in the morning, what will be different that will tell you the miracle has taken place? – Steve de Shazer

And so begins the “miracle question.” It is one of the tools I use as a therapist to help clients consider an alternative reality.

The question is a key element in solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT), which was founded by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. It’s a goal-oriented, short-term therapy that focuses on a client’s current life and future rather than dwelling on past problems.

In this model of therapy, therapists extend the invitation to clients to focus on more of what does work in life. Hence, the miracle question is a way for them to explore what life may be like without their current burdens and concerns.

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