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Couple Recovering in Rehab

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Dating in Recovery: The Complexities of Relationships in Rehab

Rehab is a time in which you are learning to cope with the ups and downs of life without turning to substances. It may also be a time in which any new relationships you form can have an impact on your recovery. If you are compelled to continually be in a relationship and are always falling head over heels over someone new, you may have a problem with love addiction.

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Love Addiction

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Is Love Your Drug? Move Forward by Resolving Wounds of the Past

By Gina Marchando, DMFT, LMFT, CHT, CIT, Clinical Director at The Ranch

Love and attachment are basic human needs. Like animals have packs, we instinctively gravitate toward other people. Loving others and wanting to be loved is natural and normal. But sometimes our concept of love becomes an unhealthy obsession that can lead us to act compulsively and destructively. This is when the natural need for healthy human connection becomes love addiction.

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love addiction

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4 Steps to Moving on After an Online Affair

Internet affairs can be easy to justify because they occur in the virtual world, but any time one partner keeps any kind of connection, whether physical or emotional, a secret from the other, the relationship is bound to suffer. Online infidelity occurs more and more these days. With access to social media, chat rooms and even websites devoted to cheating, making online connections is easier than ever. If you have been hurt by a partner’s Internet affairs, how will you recover?

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Intimacy and Love Addiction

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Are Love Addicts Really Looking for Love?

If you have an addictive, obsessive approach to relationships, you may be a love addict. You fall deeply in love repeatedly and often. No matter how many times you fall in love, you always have the thought that the newest person you are with is the only person for you. A new love interest gives you a sense of excitement and euphoria not so different from a drug-induced high.

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