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male patient lays on couch while counselor goes through purging disorder signs on a clipboard

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Purging Disorder: Symptoms, Risks and Treatment

Purging disorder can be as dangerous as anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Learn more about the symptoms of purging disorder and effective treatments for it. What Are the Symptoms of Purging Disorder? People with purging disorder vomit or abuse laxatives to control their weight. They don’t eat large amounts of food like bulimics and people with […]

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man sits on couch holding classes and with a clipboard learning about bipolar grandiosity

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What is Bipolar Grandiosity?

Individuals with bipolar disorder experience erratic and extreme mood swings. Bipolar disorder must include the presence of at least one or more manic or hypomanic episode and one or more major depressive episode. Some people with bipolar disorder experience bipolar grandiosity. Here’s what you need to know. What Is Bipolar Grandiosity? Bipolar grandiosity can occur […]

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What Is Treatment-Resistant Bipolar Disorder?

Treatment-resistant depression (also called treatment-refractory depression) is a thoroughly researched topic and widely recognized clinical challenge. In many cases, mood-stabilizing medication can help control the symptoms of depression, although first-line treatments are often ineffective. Less than 40% of individuals achieve remission with the first treatment administered and often many different medications and approaches are tried before an efficacious combination is found.

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bipolar treatment

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The Problem with Self-Medicating and Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a common mental health condition that affects over 4% of the U.S. population and leads many of those affected to seek help from bipolar treatment centers. Yet some people who need bipolar disorders treatment try to self-medicate through alcohol, illegal substances or prescription drugs that are not helpful for bipolar disorder. This […]

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Can Alcohol Cause Anxiety?

If you experience anxiety after a night of heavy drinking, you’re not alone. Colloquially coined “hangxiety,” many binge drinkers feel hyperarousal in the form of stress, shakes, guilt and worry from heavy drinking. Learn some of the reasons behind hangover anxiety. What Causes Hangover Anxiety? If you’re binge drinking or drinking several days a week, alcohol could be […]

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porn addiction

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Psychological Side Effects of Pornography

Watching online pornography continued to be a popular pursuit among men and women in 2017. According to PornHub’s latest report, about 28.5 billion people visited the site, or an average of 81 million people per day. More than 4 million videos were uploaded and 120 million video votes were posted on Pornhub, of which nearly 80% were positive. […]

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african american woman sitting sad and depressed on bed

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Which States Have the Highest Suicide Rates?

Every year, nearly 800,000 people worldwide take their own lives and far more attempt suicide. In 2015, suicide was responsible for 44,193 deaths in the U.S., which equates to about one suicide every 12 minutes. Suicide was ranked the 10th-leading cause of death in 2015 and has been among the top 12 leading causes of U.S. deaths since 1975.

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women stressed out with someone holding hand out for help

Posted in Mental Health

The Myth of Denial: Why People With Mental Health Disorders Refuse Treatment

Treating mental health disorders is an investment that pays off fourfold or more, research shows. Among the many benefits of mental health treatment are increased productivity, reductions in substance abuse and medical issues, and lower rates of homelessness and poverty. But not everyone can access the treatment they need. An estimated 30 to 80% of people with mental health disorders do not receive treatment at all.

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blue adderall pills spilling out of bottle

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What Does Adderall Do to People With ADHD?

All people with ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) have at least one of two behavioral problems: an inability to focus or maintain attention and unusual symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity. Doctors frequently treat the condition with Adderall, a name-brand medication containing the active ingredients dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. In combination, these two stimulants work by making certain changes in the brain’s chemical balance.

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frustrated man sitting in front of his laptop

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Signs & Symptoms of Mania

Many people are aware of the symptoms of depression, but the signs and symptoms of mania—another defining characteristic of bipolar disorder—are much less widely known. Getting help for those in need is essential and it helps being able to identify when somebody has the condition.

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