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When an alcoholic stops drinking, they may experience a number of disturbing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Chemical dependency creates a physiological need for the drug being abused, and when fresh supplies of that drug are no longer available, it can cause a tremendous physical and emotional shock to the system.

Getting sober can be a difficult journey, and one of the most valuable tools you can make use of along the way is an open mind. Learning about Toltec wisdom might sound a little esoteric when all you want to do is get clean, but these practices can be a key aspect of a fulfilling, […]

Alcohol and drugs became my best friends, and by the end of my addiction they were my only friends. They helped me forget my pain and the pain I caused others. They kept me from recognizing or addressing the trauma beneath the surface of my life. They were my primary comfort, until they stopped working.

“In archery we have something like the way of the superior man. When the archer misses the center of the target, he turns and looks within himself for the cause of his mistake.” – Confucius People in treatment for addiction often have difficulty aiming for a target and holding steady while they draw back their […]

“I discovered the greatest rebellion of all is an inner revolution fueled not by rage, but by deep and pervading kindness.” — Noah Levine

In Vernon Hills, Illinois, outside of Chicago, women in treatment for addiction are gardening to support their recovery. It’s a simple idea, but one that has a lasting impact and that helps these former addicts feel a sense of purpose, to get exercise and to resist the urges to use again. It’s an idea that […]

5 Steps to Facing Life After Rehab Life after rehab seems uncertain when all you are focusing on is getting sober and healing from addiction. However, if you want to be successful in recovery, avoid relapse and have a life you can enjoy, you need to think about it. How successful are drug rehabs that […]

When you first get sober, the thought of staying away from a drink or a drug for a whole day seems difficult or impossible. After a while, you get the hang of how to get through life one day at a time without picking up a drink or a drug. Before you know it, days […]

Journaling seems to be one of those buzz words that ranks high on the list of beneficial things to do in recovery.  Maybe you really don’t feel like journaling, but you still want to heal. If that’s the case, is this therapeutic action completely off the table for you? Are there new and different ways […]

When you love an addict or alcoholic, you probably have spent a long time hoping and praying that your loved one would get sober. Now he or she finally has made that choice, and for the families of addicts and alcoholics, early recovery is a time of learning new ways of relating. Your family may […]