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Substance Abuse Evaluation: What to Expect

Whether by choice or by force, a substance abuse evaluation is one of the first steps in addiction treatment. There are four goals of a drug and alcohol abuse assessment: Determine the types of substances abused Determine the severity of substance abuse Assess co-occurring mental health disorders Make a treatment recommendation, if necessary During a […]

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The Healing Power of Support Systems

Humans are not designed to live alone. From the earliest of times, they banded together in tribes and groups for mutual support, sustenance and community.

Modern life and technology have led to an epidemic of isolation. This is especially a challenge for people with addiction and/or mental illness, who can quickly spiral into their illness without support systems or support groups to help lift them up.

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How One Woman Beat Heroin Addiction

By Sara Schapmann

Opioid abuse claims thousands of lives every year, but some people do manage to escape its crushing grip. Emily M.’s story is one of hope in the seemingly hopeless world of heroin addiction. With an excruciating amount of hard work, the help of specialized heroin abuse treatment, and a loving family that didn’t enable, Emily beat the odds.

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The Importance of Stability and Routine in Recovery

At good residential treatment centers, the staff and management understand that their patients are frightened about the future and uncertain if they’ll be able to overcome their chemical dependency.

But there are no miracle cures: sobriety and the activities that support it are habits that must be developed gradually and with consistent effort.

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The Power of Intention in Recovery

As a recovering addict, your intentions can be your friend or your enemy, depending on your level of focus and clarity. You have to be clear about what you want before you can choose a constructive and life-affirming path. ACT therapy programs can help you eliminate the confusion that left you lost in the wilderness of chemical dependency.

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How Exercise and 5 Alternative Therapies Can Combat Depression

It may sound strange, but exercise can be as effective as medication for relieving mild to moderate depression. In fact, research shows that mild depression isn’t typically responsive to medication. One recent study showed that antidepressants improved symptoms in only about 40 – 60 out of 100 people who took them over an eight-week period.

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‘Me Too’: Women With Sexual Trauma Can Benefit From Therapeutic Support

By Ginger Poag, MSW, LCSW, Trauma Therapist at The Ranch

The “Me Too” movement is taking the world by storm. As more men are accused of sexual misconduct, more women are finding the confidence to voice their truth—a truth that requires sharing very personal stories of a difficult time in their lives.

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Uncommon Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

When an alcoholic stops drinking, they may experience a number of disturbing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Chemical dependency creates a physiological need for the drug being abused, and when fresh supplies of that drug are no longer available, it can cause a tremendous physical and emotional shock to the system.

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How Toltec Practices Help in Addiction Recovery

Getting sober can be a difficult journey, and one of the most valuable tools you can make use of along the way is an open mind. Learning about Toltec wisdom might sound a little esoteric when all you want to do is get clean, but these practices can be a key aspect of a fulfilling, sober lifestyle.

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My Recovery Story: Drugs and Alcohol Led Me to Help Other Women Heal

Alcohol and drugs became my best friends, and by the end of my addiction they were my only friends. They helped me forget my pain and the pain I caused others. They kept me from recognizing or addressing the trauma beneath the surface of my life. They were my primary comfort, until they stopped working.

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