Infidelity and Relationships

Adultery Still a Criminal Offense at Home and Abroad

Early in 2015, South Korea became the most recent Asian country to repeal its laws criminalizing adultery, making Taiwan and the Philippines the only Asian countries where adultery remains illegal. Most countries around the world have also decriminalized marital infidelity, although a few still officially consider it to be a crime even if they choose […]

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women working late at office

Cheating Partners Spend More Hours at the Office

People who are stepping out on their romantic partners tend to spend more hours at work, according to a study out of the United Kingdom. Spending more time at work may be a symptom of infidelity, or it may contribute to the development of infidelity in the first place, but either way long hours at […]

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cellphone porn

Does Porn Use Lead to Cheating?

Using pornography may lead to infidelity in committed relationships, according to more than one study on the subject. Porn weakens relationships by cutting through intimacy. When you’re distracted by porn, you have less time and attention for your partner. Then there is also the issue of creating and living in a fantasy world, which can […]

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Exposing Infidelity

Deciding Whether to Expose a Cheater

When it comes to cheating, nothing is straightforward. Things can be complicated even when you are not one of the people directly involved or affected by an infidelity, but simply a witness. Do you expose the cheater, and how do the particular circumstances of the affair, your relationship to the various players and other factors […]

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