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man sits on couch holding classes and with a clipboard learning about bipolar grandiosity

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What is Bipolar Grandiosity?

Individuals with bipolar disorder experience erratic and extreme mood swings. Bipolar disorder must include the presence of at least one or more manic or hypomanic episode and one or more major depressive episode. Some people with bipolar disorder experience bipolar grandiosity. Here’s what you need to know. What Is Bipolar Grandiosity? Bipolar grandiosity can occur […]

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woman patient lies on couch talking to female counselor about anxiety faqs

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Anxiety: Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone feels anxious from time to time. But there is an important difference between everyday worry and an anxiety disorder.  Anxiety disorders are serious mental health conditions that affect nearly one fifth of the U.S. population (18.1%). This condition is very treatable, yet only about a third of people who struggle with an anxiety disorder […]

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What Is Treatment-Resistant Bipolar Disorder?

Treatment-resistant depression (also called treatment-refractory depression) is a thoroughly researched topic and widely recognized clinical challenge. In many cases, mood-stabilizing medication can help control the symptoms of depression, although first-line treatments are often ineffective. Less than 40% of individuals achieve remission with the first treatment administered and often many different medications and approaches are tried before an efficacious combination is found.

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Substance Abuse Evaluation: What to Expect

Whether by choice or by force, a substance abuse evaluation is one of the first steps in addiction treatment. There are four goals of a drug and alcohol abuse assessment: Determine the types of substances abused Determine the severity of substance abuse Assess co-occurring mental health disorders Make a treatment recommendation, if necessary During a […]

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Pregnancy and Pot: What You Should Know

Marijuana use during pregnancy is on the rise. Recent research analyzed medical questionnaires of 279,457 pregnant women and found pot use increased from 4.2% to 7.1% over an eight-year period. That’s just the people who admitted it. Researchers believe many women don’t own up to marijuana use during pregnancy for fear of being reported to […]

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Telemedicine: Pros and Cons

Telemedicine, or remote health care, is one of the great innovations of modern health care. It can be used to make health care more accessible to patients and quickly connect patients to doctors. It also can be used to help diagnose and begin treatment for an array of physical and mental health issues, including addiction. […]

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bowl with herbs and bottles with homeopathic remedies

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Homeopathic Treatments: FDA Plans a Crackdown

After decades of taking a more hands-off approach to homeopathic products, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched a new policy that would allow it to exercise more control over certain products. The crackdown may include a closer look at homeopathic addiction treatments that have not been found to have proven benefits. This may inspire many people to seek proven alternative rehab therapies.

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group therapy session

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What You Should Know About Addiction Aftercare

It’s not surprising that aftercare following drug or alcohol rehab helps people remain sober. Aftercare—with addiction treatment—has come a long way since the days when people were discharged with a list of 12-step meeting locations.

Behavioral health specialists now know that addiction is a chronic disease with relapse rates similar to other diseases like diabetes, cancer and hypertension. They also know that the underlying reasons behind substance abuse are different for each person, so it makes sense that aftercare plans be individualized.

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hypnotherapist with patient laying down

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Hypnotherapy & Anxiety

If you don’t know much about hypnosis or hypnotherapy, you may think it’s just for circus sideshows or the kind of black magic by which Count Dracula controlled those who threatened his “undeadness.” In reality, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that supports hypnosis as a tool for relieving a host of conditions, […]

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Know What to Expect at Rehab

If you know what to expect before you go to rehab for addiction, you will be better prepared to do the work that is needed to get well. Another good reason to know what will happen is that this knowledge will lessen any fear and anxiety you have about getting treatment. Going to rehab is a big step on your path to sobriety, but it’s a scary one when you don’t know what happens at rehab. Know what to expect and be prepared to accept treatment fully, and you will be ready to get better.

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