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After decades of taking a more hands-off approach to homeopathic products, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched a new policy that would allow it to exercise more control over certain products. The crackdown may include a closer look at homeopathic addiction treatments that have not been found to have proven benefits. This may inspire […]

It’s not surprising that aftercare following drug or alcohol rehab helps people remain sober. Aftercare—with addiction treatment—has come a long way since the days when people were discharged with a list of 12-step meeting locations. Behavioral health specialists now know that addiction is a chronic disease with relapse rates similar to other diseases like diabetes, […]

If you don’t know much about hypnosis or hypnotherapy, you may think it’s just for circus sideshows or the kind of black magic by which Count Dracula controlled those who threatened his “undeadness.” In reality, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that supports hypnosis as a tool for relieving a host of conditions, […]

If you know what to expect before you go to rehab for addiction, you will be better prepared to do the work that is needed to get well. Another good reason to know what will happen is that this knowledge will lessen any fear and anxiety you have about getting treatment. Going to rehab is […]

A team of Canadian and Israeli researchers believe that doctors may one day be able to target genetic factors in people addicted to cocaine and significantly reduce the severity of relapse-inducing cocaine withdrawal.

A new study has shown that brain scans could help doctors distinguish between post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) in patients suffering from symptoms that are characteristic of both conditions. Both PTSD and TBI can occur during traumatic incidents and can result in debilitating, life-changing symptoms. It isn’t always easy to tell […]

Cigarette use is quite common among people who have diagnosable problems with alcohol, drug or medication intake. Unfortunately, many people continue to smoke after entering substance treatment and continue to experience the potentially fatal health complications associated with cigarette intake. In a study published in December 2014 in The American Journal on Addictions, researchers from […]

Are there any shortcuts to sobriety?  While you can go through a medicated detox and come out the other end in sobriety, can you really be in recovery with a shortcut like that? Maybe, but probably not for long. True sobriety and real recovery take time. If you want to consider shortcuts, be informed, but […]

New findings from an American research team indicate that a form of psychotherapy called integrated cognitive behavioral therapy can help people with PTSD address any co-existing problems with substance abuse and/or substance addiction.

Addiction treatment has become a science based on solid and modern research. While it is true that it isn’t a perfect science and that each patient is an individual with his or her own needs, there are truths about what makes treatment most likely to be successful. If you or someone you care about is […]