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Cigna has roots dating back more than 200 years, but the healthcare giant became the company it is today in 1982. With 95 million customers around the world, Cigna Insurance boasts a provider network that includes more than 1 million facilities, clinics and healthcare professionals.

Cigna insurance touts its commitment to mental health issues and efforts to help curb the drug abuse epidemic in the U.S. In fact, by partnering with more than 1.1 million clinicians to encourage the use of pain management alternatives to opioid painkillers (when clinically appropriate), Cigna helped achieve a 25% reduction in opioid use among members over a two-year period.

Other initiatives include:

  • Making medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for heroin addiction and opioid abuse available to members without prior authorization
  • Notifying prescribing physicians of potential misuse of opioids
  • Providing a grant to the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) to help veterans with drug and alcohol abuse problems and chronic pain issues
  • Hosting over 2,000 medical groups to brainstorm ways to reduce opioid painkiller prescriptions and treat opioid addiction as a chronic illness
  • Cigna health insurance has also tried to change perceptions around people with drug and alcohol addiction through its “Stamp Out Stigma” campaign with the Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness

Cigna Rehab Insurance Can Help Start Your Recovery

If your Cigna health benefits include a behavioral health component, you’re closer to getting the help you need to recover from drug and alcohol abuse and mental health issues. With Cigna insurance coverage for behavioral health issues, the cost of drug rehab could be completely covered or covered at a large percentage of the total cost.

Our recovery advisors at The Ranch are dedicated to helping you get the mental health and drug and alcohol treatment you need to reclaim your life. We’ll work closely with Cigna to determine what drug rehab insurance coverage benefits are included in your plan and maximize your benefits so your out-of-pocket cost is minimized.

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