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We provide gender-separate, residential programming for men and women suffering from mental health issues that occur with or without substance use disorders. These can include depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, behavioral addictions and other mental health issues. Within a healing environment, clients begin addressing underlying issues that fuel destructive coping mechanisms and stand in the way of a full and meaningful life.

With guidance from a specially trained treatment team that includes psychiatric and medical staff, therapists, specialists and nutritionists, clients explore the factors that have led them to treatment. They also discover what kinds of therapies and activities most heal the deep wounds of addiction and trauma, learn to accept their authentic selves, and develop honest, supportive connections with others.

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Why We’re So Much More Than a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Many treatment centers claim expertise in dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders but The Ranch mental health and addiction treatment center is known for our specialized approach to treating these issues. Many of our clients have three or more co-occurring disorders and choose The Ranch specifically for our success in helping people with more than one mental health issue, process addiction or substance use disorder.

We don’t just provide medication management like some treatment centers. Our team of medical and psychiatric experts works closely with each client throughout their time with us. Every client who walks through our doors receives a thorough biopsychosocial assessment. During this comprehensive evaluation process we assess the accuracy of current diagnoses and provide revised ones as appropriate. Our specially trained medical and psychiatric team considers all the complex factors that contribute to these issues before determining the best approach to care. Clients are educated about their diagnoses, learn how to manage these challenges and develop healthy coping skills to live a better life.

Treatment Approach

People develop different ways to cope with pain in their lives, sometimes resulting in destructive, self-defeating behaviors. We help clients understand that the coping strategies they’ve been using to protect themselves and deal with painful feelings have stopped working for them. Somewhere along the way, their authentic self got buried in an effort to deal with distress.

Our therapeutic approach helps men and women peel back the layers of protection they’ve created, learn how to be vulnerable and begin to lead with their authentic selves. Clients acquire healthier coping skills and develop honest, open relationships with others without engaging in self-protective behaviors that dilute genuine experiences. To learn more about our treatment approach. Call 844-876-7680.

Discover the person you were meant to be.

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Supportive Treatment Community

We have several dedicated men-only and women-only residences that are treatment communities in and of themselves. Home-like and welcoming, our residences each house small client populations sharing similar issues, whether their primary issue is substance abuse, psychiatric disorders, trauma or relationship issues.

Clients develop close bonds, holding each other accountable in word and deed, working through interpersonal issues, and providing compassion, support and opportunities to practice recovery skills. Past relationship patterns are explored in therapy and clients are able to observe how these same patterns play out among their housemates, providing them opportunities to develop healthier communication skills.

Traditional and Experiential Therapies

We understand that different therapies resonate with each person. This is why we offer a wide range of traditional and experiential approaches that help clients in our co-occurring disorders program discover what most helps them address issues underlying their addiction or mental health challenges. Clients don’t merely eliminate symptoms, but gain new insights into their disorder and life circumstances and develop healthy coping skills and the resilience needed to sustain recovery long term.

Some of the approaches we use in our co-occurring disorders programs include:

  • Weekly individual therapy
  • Specialized groups
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Shame-reduction work
  • Spiritual exploration/counseling
  • Family therapy and participation in our family program as clinically appropriate
  • Adventure therapies such as a high and low ropes course, medicine wheel, labyrinth, meditative walks and more
  • EMDR
  • Brainspotting
  • Mindfulness groups
  • Medication education groups

Learn more about therapies at The Ranch treatment center or call us at 844-876-7680 to learn more.

Please note that some therapies may require an additional fee.

Gender-Separate Treatment and Residences

Gender-separate treatment helps eliminate distractions and self-monitoring behaviors that can occur when men and women are in treatment together so that clients can focus on healing. This also allows our treatment team to fully tailor care to clients’ needs. For instance, our women’s co-occurring disorders program is heavily grounded in dialectical behavior therapy and mindfulness approaches that have been shown to be especially effective with many of the issues we see in our women clients.

Experienced Staff

Our dedicated co-occurring disorders treatment team includes licensed therapists, house managers, resident assistants, psychiatric medical providers and professionals specially trained in trauma-focused therapies and other approaches. Clients see our physicians and psychiatrists as needed.

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