James Nihan is a licensed alcohol and drug addiction counselor and an associate sex addiction therapist. He has been associated with The Ranch since 2000 and he has been involved with the Center for Relationship and Sexual Recovery since its inception. His personal recovery began in 1975 and in 1980 his story was featured in a book published by the Rutger’s Center of Alcohol Studies. Special interests include healing through music and art, The Four Agreements and meaning of metaphor. With extensive studies in spirituality he supports those who seek connection through medicine wheel, labyrinth and the native ancestral landscapes that have become The Ranch. Working with clients who have adoption and abandonment histories is close to his heart. Of the creative process, James asserts, “Each one of us is an artist and each day we are given an opportunity to create. I think of life as a canvas and each day a brushstroke.” An award-winning songwriter and artist, his personal experience gives him an understanding of the unique recovery challenges faced by clients within the entertainment industries.

Choose a better life. Choose recovery.