Meth and Suicide

Methamphetamine is a controlled substance because it can be used for a small number of medical conditions. Most doctors never prescribe it unless truly necessary because of the high potential for abuse and addiction and the side effects. Meth is a stimulant. It increases energy, focus and concentration. It makes the user feel awake, alert and euphoric. For these reasons, many people turn to meth as a substance of abuse.

Meth also causes some devastating side effects, including addiction. In addition to dependence and physical effects like increased blood pressure and heart rate, meth causes very troubling psychological effects. These include suicidal thoughts. They also include paranoia, extreme mood swings, violent outbursts, homicidal tendencies and anxiety. Meth and schizophrenia have many similarities, such as psychosis, delusions and extreme paranoia.

While suicidal thoughts have long been known as a side effect of meth use, recent research has found that meth users are much more likely to attempt suicide than users of other types of drugs. They are up to 80 percent more likely to make an attempt at suicide. Even those who use the drug infrequently are at an increased risk for suicide. One possible reason posed by the researchers is that meth users tend to be more socially isolated than people who use other drugs.

Getting Help for Meth Dependence

Understanding the link between meth use and suicide is important for prevention and treatment. Those who treat meth addicts need to know that their patients are more likely to attempt suicide so that they can prevent it. For anyone hooked on meth, there is hope. Drug treatment statistics show that although meth is highly addictive, it is possible to get successful treatment for meth addiction.

If you or someone you know is using meth, the time to get help is now. You can become dependent on this drug very quickly and stopping its use without help is nearly impossible. Getting help now from trained and caring professionals could save your life or the life of someone you care about. Look for a facility that understands the particular needs of meth addicts, including the tendency to have suicidal thoughts. When you have found a treatment center that seems to meet your needs, be sure to stay in treatment for a period of time that is long enough to get the best care. You can’t skimp on addiction treatment if you want to have a successful recovery.


Choose a better life. Choose recovery.