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Aetna insurance company offers national and international insurance coverage for health care, dental care, behavioral health issues, disability care and prescriptions. One of the oldest and largest insurance companies, Aetna began as a life insurance company in the 1800s and reinventing itself over the decades into the comprehensive health care insurance provider it is today.

Aetna insurance company currently serves around 46 million people. Its network of health care providers is vast and includes over 689,700 primary care physicians and specialists, 1.1 million health care professionals and 5,697 hospitals. Aetna offers both PPO and HMO insurance plans. Participants can buy individual or family insurance directly through Aetna, or obtain coverage through their place of employment.

At The Ranch mental health and drug rehab, we will work directly with Aetna insurance representatives to determine the highest level of coverage you can obtain under your particular Aetna insurance plan. Call us today for a free benefits check and cost estimate.