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Why Choose The Ranch Tennessee?

Alternative Paths ToHealing

Trauma-Focused Care

A Close-KnitTherapeutic Community

A Tradition OfExcellence


Care ThatRespects Individuality

What Our Alumni Have To Say

“I feel very satisfied that treatment met my needs and set me on a path to achieve all of my recovery goals. The Labrynth walk. Definitely had a spiritual awakening there. I absolutely love my one-on-one therapy and Primary Groups and Trauma Therapy.”


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“I am so grateful to everyone here, from the nurses, to the RA’s, to the therapist’s. I learned SO MUCH. I guess the best part was waking up everyday and knowing this was where I needed to be. Everyday here was the best part of my experience. Thank you all so much. I’m alive, and I want to live everyday, to learn everyday, and I’m so joyful that I can love myself. I can look in the mirror without shame. I’m free.”


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“My overall experience was quite fabulous. Don’t get me wrong, it’s rehab and it’s hard and emotional and there are days you want to just leave, but my therapy team here was fabulous, the RA’s in this house are amazing (WS) and the adventure days were not only a blast, they enabled me to have some pretty significant “ah ha” moments.”


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