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Recovery Ranch Reviews and Testimonials

"I feel very satisfied that treatment met my needs and set me on a path to achieve all of my recovery goals. The Labrynth walk. Definitely had a spiritual awakening there. I absolutely love my one-on-one therapy and Primary Groups and Trauma Therapy."

"I feel that the staff and treatment team really met all my needs and made my recovery a priority for them. They really pushed me to explore my life and my disease, and they prepared me to leave. The best part of my experience was my primary therapy, one-on-one sessions and trauma therapy. It was amazingly healing and I loved every minute of it."

"The entire process from beginning to end was filled with support, safety, tools, and encouragement. I truly learned how to grow up and know how to live in a life of recovery in all areas of my addictions."

"I didn’t want to come here in the beginning because I was fine. To my surprise, I was not. My treatment team and the staff have been exceptional. I am completely satisfied. Thank you so much for the help I so needed. I am eternally grateful."

"I came in a broken person with problems I thought I could never fix and now I have found the best version of myself."

"I feel very grateful. My therapists were amazing and have helped me see the light and joy I can have in my life. Bubba, Jeff, Charlie and Bobby are the most amazing people I have ever met!"

"I have learned more about myself and and received more gifts from this program than I ever thought possible. The therapists and staff at the Ranch are doing God’s work and I will be forever greatful!"

"I don’t have words to describe how sensational each individual member of the staff were to me. From the medical staff at Piney to the RA’s at Hilltop, each Therapist, ancillary member, Adventure Day Therapist’s to the Transport Drivers have gone above and beyond making my experience here speechless in a positive way. Each one of these staff members are not money oriented it’s not a nine to five job to them, they each care deeply about every client and has made my life worth while."

"The Ranch offers treatment for the whole person- not just substance abuse or trauma. I was able to address all of my issues here and receive the appropriate support."

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