The Center for Sexual Recovery at The Ranch

In response to a pressing need for specialized intimacy disorder and sexual addiction treatment, we have joined with internationally known author, addiction specialist, and educator Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S to create The Center for Sexual Recovery at The Ranch. For over 20 years, Rob has been a key figure in the evolution of effective, focused, and integrity-based relationship and sexual addiction programs. We welcome his deep understanding of these concerns along with his extensive clinical knowledge and empathic approach to sexual disorders’ treatment.

The Center for Sexual Recovery is dedicated to the treatment of problems such as

along with the inevitable relationship, health, or legal crises that accompany these behaviors.

Our primary therapeutic goal at The Center is to disrupt and eliminate problem patterns of sexual behavior, while helping our clients regain dignity, self-respect, and the trust of those they love. Both men and women can suffer from these types of issues, which are often exacerbated by alcohol and drug abuse, unresolved grief, and related life stressors, such as early trauma, neglect, and abuse. The Center’s treatment process is designed to help identify and resolve these concerns, often found to be the underlying catalysts for sexual acting out and intimacy disruption.

At the heart of our state-of-the-art, gender-separate sexual disorders’ treatment programming is a commitment to healing the shameful sexual secrets, family dysfunction, and wounded relationships that inevitably accompany problem patterns of sexual behavior. While specifically dedicated to the treatment of sex, relationship, and intimacy disorders, The Center for Sexual Recovery at The Ranch also draws upon the wealth of our experienced clinical staff, already skilled in the treatment of highly complex and emotionally challenging issues. We utilize all of our resources to help clients stop self-defeating, shameful behaviors, develop insight into the emotional issues that lie beneath dysfunctional sexual acting out, and ultimately reclaim their healthy authentic selves.

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Why Choose The Ranch?

There are a lot of treatment programs out there, and it can be a daunting task to figure out which program is right for you or your loved one. We believe The Ranch is one of the most unique and highly effective recovery programs, and we want you to understand why we believe that.

The Ranch is not your typical treatment center. The location alone sets us apart: a working horse and cattle ranch in the green rolling hills outside Nashville. It is a healing place – a serene and natural setting where you can breathe for a change.

Why is the Ranch so effective? Because we have created a world totally focused on healing and change. We integrate all aspects of treatment – think of The Ranch as a community of people dedicated to saving lives and helping those who are struggling with addiction and compulsive behaviors discover a new way to live in recovery.

Many people with addiction feel as if the world is tossing them about – they feel out of control and lost. Our mission is to help those people find a path by guiding them in understanding the nature of their disorder and what has led them to self-medicate. The Ranch helps you uncover those things that compel you to choose alcohol, drugs, and other self-damaging behaviors to cope with stress and emotional issues. By understanding the why, you can begin to re-discover your authentic self and begin recovering that self.

The Ranch is that place where you can take the time to truly understand what's going on with you. It's a place where you can heal and regenerate. It's a place where you can plant the roots of recovery.