At the Ranch, we choose life-one day at a time.

A cool, clear river winds through the beautiful rolling hills of a 2,000 acre working horse and cattle ranch near Nashville, Tennessee. For those meeting the challenges of addictive and compulsive behaviors, The Ranch is a path to hope and healing.

The Ranch Programs Offer:

  • Treatment & rehab for alcohol & drug addiction, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, overeating), sex and love addiction, codependency, compulsive gambling, and trauma / PTSD
  • A truly integrated recovery center
  • EMDR, Equine Therapy, and Adventure Therapy
  • Comprehensive therapeutic experience for Men and Women age 18 and over
  • Gender-specific treatment programs
  • Two one-on-one therapy sessions per week
  • Experiential-based therapies with a focus on resolving the underlying issues
  • A community of respect, strength, truth, and healing
  • A long-term, extended care program in 28-day intervals
  • Medically assisted detox
  • Caring, help, and understanding. For you.

There are no words to describe the healing power of the land that serves as The Ranch's home. Brilliant, fiery sunsets; misty, quiet mornings' the lazy arc of geese returning with warm weather' the ebb and flow of the winding Piney River and the sudden gusts of summer storms all touch our souls in profound and lasting ways.

Call us today at 844-876-7680 to find out how we can help you or your loved one discover the recovering you.

Addiction Treatment

The Ranch provides an amazing spectrum of addiction treatment services in the serene and verdant hills of a working horse and cattle ranch near Nashville. Our experientially based program is designed to meet each person as an individual and provide a variety of ways to explore the feelings and behaviors that hold the individual hostage. We help each person move from "survive" to "thrive" by supporting each client and family member to meet their authentic self, and find new ways to embrace it.

Substance abuse treatment stands at the edge of a remarkable revolution spurred on by dedicated researchers, compassionate clinicians, and the enthusiastic demands of people in early recovery for treatment that is compassionate, respectful, and effective. At the leading edge of this revolution, The Ranch has made a commitment to the practical application of the latest advances in the field of drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

Our experience at The Ranch has taught us that our clients flourish best in an environment of support and respect where they can make healthy choices and are responsible for the consequences of those choices. The Ranch works with clients where they are in the process of change, addressing their individual needs and personal concerns.

Specialized Treatments

The Ranch offers a unique program of recovery that enables each client to address the specific clinical issues that are interfering with their ability to live a full life.

Along with our addiction treatment recovery program, we can treat the following specific issues. These can be primary issues or in addition to substance abuse:

Trauma & PTSD

People with unresolved trauma often experience diminished lives. Symptoms of unresolved trauma may be substance abuse, depression, anxiety, codependency, eating disorders, or hypersexual behavior. At the Ranch we understand that addressing trauma plays an integral role in whether or not you or your loved one can experience lasting recovery. We help each person develop a plan for lasting recovery, and provide them with opportunities to practice skills to embrace their authentic self, no longer held hostage by old beliefs, ideas, or decisions.

Treatment for PTSD includes EMDR, Equine Therapy, experiential and adventure therapy. The program stresses the mind-body-spirit connection and is geared toward a full exploration of feelings and messages received during traumatic experiences within a safe "containing" environment.

Eating Disorders

Our women's eating disorder program is one of the top in the country and supervised by Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross, an Integrative Medicine physician who has developed and pioneered the use of integrative medicine in healing food and body image issues and women's health. The Ranch's eating disorder program is a real life model, where individuals plan their menus with our nutritionist and actually prepare them as well. Clients are able to return home and follow through with their plan for living in wellness.

Emotional and Mental Health Issues

We also offer specialized clinical care for those suffering from depression and anxiety as well as compulsive behaviors. There are no words to describe the healing power of the land that serves as The Ranch's home. Brilliant, fiery sunsets; misty, quiet mornings' the lazy arc of geese returning with warm weather' the ebb and flow of the winding Piney River and the sudden gusts of summer storms all touch our souls in profound and lasting ways.

Clinical Team

The clinical team at The Ranch has extensive experience in treating addictions, eating disorders, trauma, and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Here are just a few of the exceptional staff that will guide you in building a foundation for last recovery.

Cheryl BrownCheryl Brown, Executive Director
Nearing 30 years of service in the addiction and behavioral health field, Cheryl continues her passion of providing hope and healing to those individuals and families who continue to suffer from the throes of alcoholism, drug addiction, mood disorders, eating disorders and sexual addiction. Cheryl's background, practice, and knowledge have come from a few noteworthy pioneers in the treatment field such as: Life Healing Center ~ Santa Fe, where she held the position of Executive Director and lead the staff to pioneer the first women's gender specific program for sex, love and relationship addiction; Sierra Tucson, where she held multiple management and supervisory positions in Intake and Marketing for over 17 years; and Cottonwood, where she began her experience in the treatment field and became skilled as a certified addiction counselor, holding the positions of Business Manager, Therapist, and Assistant Clinical Director.

Barbara Larew-AdamsBarbara Larew-Adams, Clinical Director
Prior to joining the staff of the Ranch, Barbara Larew-Adams was the Chief Clinical Officer and the Director of the Family Program at Cumberland Heights in Nashville, Tennessee. Barbara is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Tennessee. She has held a longstanding interest in the provision of treatment services for those people and families impacted by addiction, psychiatric disorders and trauma.

Buddy HorneBuddy Horne, MA, LPC, Clinical Specialist
Buddy has been a therapist for over seven years treating adults and families with issues related to addiction and trauma. He worked as a primary therapist for four years at The Prescott House, Inc., a 12-Step based treatment center for men, providing individual, group and family therapy and most recently served as a therapist at the Northern Arizona Veteran's Administration focusing on the treatment of PTSD and addiction.

Dawn ZurlindenDawn Zurlinden, LCSW, MSSW, Clinical Specialist
Dawn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who holds a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Tennessee. For the past several years, Dawn has worked exclusively with adults and families who struggle with addictions that are complicated by other psychiatric or emotional issues.

Robert ChapmanRobert Chapman, MSSW, LADAC, Adventure/Challenge Course Therapist
Bobby is an experienced therapist who is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor and Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist. Bobby has provided extensive training services throughout the country for a number of years.

Dede BeasleyDede Beasley, M.Ed. , LPC, Equine Therapist
Dede is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Horseback Riding Instructor through the Council for Horsemanship & Safety. She is among the first practitioners to be certified by the North American Handicapped Riders Association as an equine assisted psychotherapist.

Why Choose The Ranch?

There are a lot of treatment programs out there, and it can be a daunting task to figure out which program is right for you or your loved one. We believe The Ranch is one of the most unique and highly effective recovery programs, and we want you to understand why we believe that.

The Ranch is not your typical treatment center. The location alone sets us apart: a working horse and cattle ranch in the green rolling hills outside Nashville. It is a healing place – a serene and natural setting where you can breathe for a change.

Why is the Ranch so effective? Because we have created a world totally focused on healing and change. We integrate all aspects of treatment – think of The Ranch as a community of people dedicated to saving lives and helping those who are struggling with addiction and compulsive behaviors discover a new way to live in recovery.

Many people with addiction feel as if the world is tossing them about – they feel out of control and lost. Our mission is to help those people find a path by guiding them in understanding the nature of their disorder and what has led them to self-medicate. The Ranch helps you uncover those things that compel you to choose alcohol, drugs, and other self-damaging behaviors to cope with stress and emotional issues. By understanding the why, you can begin to re-discover your authentic self and begin recovering that self.

The Ranch is that place where you can take the time to truly understand what's going on with you. It's a place where you can heal and regenerate. It's a place where you can plant the roots of recovery.

Women's Facilities

Hilltop House for Women

Hilltop House

The Ranch provides unlimited opportunities to get in touch with body, mind and spirit.

Hilltop House is spacious, elegant and comfortable. It is a safe environment with a security system protecting the grounds as well as the house.

From experiencing a working ranch in action, to canoeing the Piney River, to simply witnessing the beauty of the sunsets, individuals cannot help but be filled with a sense of awe, a feeling of connection and a Power greater than themselves.

Lake House


The Ranch provides unlimited opportunities to get in touch with body, mind and spirit.

In addition to our core treatment modalities, Lake House for women also offers specific treatment for clients with eating disorders. Up to 8 women reside in a luxurious home with views of a pond, horses, and gorgeous Tennessee sunsets.

The interior is spacious and airy, providing each client with ample space of her own while at the same time offering comfortable, elegant communal space.

The atmosphere of the residence offers a safe, peaceful and gentle surrounding for our clients. The beauty of the home and the setting itself provide a nurturing environment.

Spring House


Spring House is a warm and inviting ranch-style home located on lush acreage bordering the Piney River.

Built in 1996, the eclectic interior consists of a charming dining room, open kitchen, and comfortable bedrooms that offer 8 clients the opportunity to explore and begin their recovery journey.

The living room is spacious with a cozy fireplace. The backyard has a trail that leads to the spring-fed creek. Spring House embodies the welcoming spirit of The Ranch.

Men's Facilities

River House

River House

The Ranch provides unlimited opportunities to get in touch with body, mind and spirit.

Four miles from the women's residences, an authentic cowboy bunkhouse and renovated train depot provide rustic, yet comfortable, surroundings for up to 10 men.

The setting is a blending of Tennessee's past and present. The pre-Civil War smokehouse/ group room, a remodeled early 20th century train depot and cowboy bunkhouse serves as the men's residence.

Pinewood Farm dates back to the 1850â€ēs and is still today a working cattle and Quarter Horse operation. The beautiful Piney River flows though the heart of the property, offering residents the opportunity to fish and canoe.