Schizoaffective Disorder Treatment Center

The name “schizoaffective disorder” is a mouthful. This chronic health condition includes symptoms of schizophrenia and a mood disorder, like a hybrid of these two conditions. This disorder often goes with addiction, as living with its symptoms proves difficult and many people turn to self-medication using alcohol or drugs. But through a schizoaffective disorder treatment center, such as The Ranch, you put these problems in your past and learn to manage your conditions for a better life. There is no cure for your addiction or the schizoaffective disorder (SD) often at its roots. But knowing the name of your root cause for substance abuse and how to care for yourself in the right way helps you build a better life. In The Ranch’s addiction, SD and personality disorder treatment center, your brighter future comes into full view where you can finally achieve it.

What is schizoaffective disorder?

Schizoaffective disorder is a lifelong, relapsing mental health condition. It includes symptoms from a mood disorder, like major depression or bipolar disorder. It adds to these symptoms some of the traits of schizophrenia. In a licensed schizoaffective disorder treatment center, you receive a mix of therapies and services proven to help bring recovery and build coping skills for the disease. You can manage your SD. But you face high potential for relapses. In this way, recovery from SD is much like addiction recovery. You must learn about your disorder, how to manage recovery and prevent relapse. Following those relapse prevention methods proves critical to maintaining stability in your life. Two types of SD exist with schizophrenia effects. These include the bipolar type and depressive type. In bipolar SD, you suffer episodes of major depression and mania. In depressive SD, you only experience the lows of depression with your schizophrenic symptoms. For both bipolar SD and depressive SD, you need help from a schizoaffective disorder treatment center. This treatment starts with a clear diagnosis and individual treatment planning.

Signs You Need Help from a Schizoaffective Disorder Treatment Center

Signs of SD and your need for help from the schizoaffective disorder treatment center at The Ranch include:

  • Delusions
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Poor personal grooming
  • Mania
  • Speech and communication problems
  • Work, school or social problems

Problems with speech and communication related to SD include giving only short or partial answers to questions. You possibly also give answers unrelated to the questions people ask you. Although these symptoms feel overwhelming for you and those who love you, good news exists. That good news is that schizoaffective disorder treatment at The Ranch helps you stabilize and improve your life.

What causes SD?

Researchers do not yet understand what causes SD. But risk factors do exist. These include your genetics, as the condition is hereditary. Your biology also comes into play, with problems in your brain circuitry where the brain manages mood and thoughts. Some researchers believe viral infections or trauma add to risk for SD. Using psychoactive or psychotropic drugs also can put you at risk, with people often self-medicating their symptoms of SD. Most people with the disorder see symptoms begin from age 16 to 30. Women seem more at risk than men, according to studies. Doctors sometimes diagnose SD improperly. Because signs reflect mood disorders and psychotic disorders, this easily happens. This is why you need help from an experienced and highly qualified schizoaffective disorder treatment center. The Ranch provides addiction and mental health treatment, having the experts and ability to properly diagnose your condition.

Treatment for Your SD with or without Addiction

The Ranch provides the schizoaffective disorder treatment you need. This treatment includes:

Call The Ranch at 1.844.876.7680 for more information about available programs of the schizoaffective disorder treatment center in Tennessee or Pennsylvania. Even with SD, you can conquer your addiction and mental health problems to create the life you always wanted.

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