According to an article topic on a study dealing with depression, researchers have found that if an adolescent is depressed then the chances of them being unemployed as an adult increases. They are also likely to earn less in income over the duration of their life compared with adults who experienced no mental health issues as a child or young adult.

This study indicates that while a young person can get help and recover from depression, the things they encounter as a child tend to stick with them and can have lasting effects on how they turn out. While the significance is not great, the research shows that there is a correlation between depression in youth and employment issues during adulthood.

That’s why it is so important that the proper channels be in place to help a child if they are faced with such trauma in their lives, such as abuse. No child should face some of the things they have to in life, but as long as they can get the help they need, then there will be hope for them as they grow and develop as an adult.

Statistics say that roughly five percent of children have some sort of major depression. Thankfully that means that 95 percent have not experienced such, but for the population that is depressed, lifetime effects are eminent.


Choose a better life. Choose recovery.