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Our alumni program is managed by a passionate, licensed professional who goes above and beyond to empower clients in their recovery. Clients begin developing strong relationships with our alumni director while still in treatment through weekly groups. These groups provide opportunities for support, hope and insight between those sharing similar struggles. Clients establish bonds that they can build upon after treatment.

Highlights of our alumni program include:

  • Weekly alumni groups
  • Periodic calls, emails and notes from our onsite alumni director
  • Annual alumni celebration
  • Over 50 guest speakers throughout the year who address a variety of recovery topics
  • Addiction education groups on areas including relapse prevention, cravings, vulnerability, compassion, triggers, 12 Steps and more
  • Support for family members
  • Monthly dinner at a Nashville restaurant
  • Private Facebook page
  • Alumni retreats

Our alumni program is just one of the ways we help clients continue to build a strong foundation in recovery once they’ve left treatment. In addition to our alumni program, we also offer extensive aftercare planning and re-intervention services if needed.

The Ranch Pennsylvania

Our alumni program helps clients nurture relationships with peers in recovery. Having a network of friends that are experiencing similar challenges is an important part of recovery and provides a regular source of accountability and support.
After completing our inpatient treatment program, clients are welcomed back to The Ranch once a month for an alumni meeting. Hosted by staff, alumni:
  • Connect with other alumni from The Ranch PA and staff members
  •  Share a message of hope with clients who are currently in treatment at The Ranch PA
  •  Participate in recovery discussions and activities
  •  Join current clients, other alumni and staff for dinner following the meeting
Former clients receive an invitation each month via email with the date and time of the event and may RSVP if they would like to attend.