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In addition to regular family therapy as clinically appropriate, The Ranch Tennessee offers two additional opportunities for loved ones to support themselves and their family member in recovery. These include a two-day educational workshop as well as an intensive four-day family program.

Two-Day Family Education Workshop

Our two-day family workshop educates loved ones on the nature of addictions and mental health issues. Some of the areas we cover include:

  • The disease model of addiction and mental health issues
  • The role of traumatic experiences in substance abuse and mental health issues
  • How a family’s interactions are affected by addiction and other behavioral health issues
  • Codependency and setting boundaries
  • Resources for loved ones of people with addictions and mental health disorders

Families get a chance to see their loved one’s treatment environment and meet some of their treatment team. They have lunch with their loved one and may take them out on a four-hour pass into the community as clinically appropriate.

Call 844-876-7680 to learn more about our family education workshop and obtain a list of available dates.

Four-Day Family Program

Our four-day family intensive program helps clients and family members begin addressing the emotional wounds that keep them from creating the lives they want, both individually and as families. Participants engage in traditional and experiential approaches that encourage understanding, acceptance and forgiveness. Clients and their loved ones explore deeply held beliefs, feelings and underlying issues that fuel addiction, mental health issues and codependency.

Family programming and activities may include:

  • Over 12 hours of small group family therapy
  • Direct work with the program director and a family therapist to determine what changes need to be made in the client’s family and how to accomplish these
  • Education about addiction as a family disease, family roles, codependency, trauma and family healing
  • Group exercises to strengthen participants’ understanding of educational material
  • Adventure therapy
  • Time to socialize with the client including family lunch each day, a family fun adventure afternoon, and a five-hour pass one evening to go on an outing (as clinically appropriate)

Goals of our Family Program

Our treatment team helps clients and their loved ones explore issues that encourage dysfunctional family systems. Goals of our four-day family program include:

  • Working through family dysfunction, disagreements and related issues
  • Increasing healthy family communication patterns, with emphasis on assertive, specific communication without emotion as the most effective way to resolve conflict
  • Helping families understand the disease model of addiction
  • Educating family members about the various roles individuals take on in their family and how those roles play out between family members
  • Providing resources for family members to get the help they need to live a healthy, fulfilling life both individually and as part of the family system
  • Targeting primary family issues we can tackle and begin resolving during a client’s stay and introducing clients and family members to additional areas they can continue working on after the client leaves residential care
  • Encouraging continued family therapy after the client leaves residential care

Our Approach to Family Treatment

We work with both clients and their families to address the issues that have led the client into treatment. We take a family systems approach to treatment, recognizing the family as a connected, living system; an issue with one of its members is indicative of issues that need to be addressed as a whole unit. We help families understand the various roles each of its members plays in the system, and facilitate healing of the whole unit and the individual parts.

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