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Addiction and Pregnancy

According to the 2013 U.S. National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 5.4% of all pregnant women reported current illicit drug use while 9.4% reported alcohol use. The actual number of children who have been exposed to drugs in utero may be higher than the statistics show. This is due to pregnant women often underreporting substance use for fear of reprisals, such as losing their baby to child protective services. At COPAC, we believe knowledge can make a positive impact and help prevent some of the damaging consequences caused by substance abuse to both mothers and their unborn children. Along with educational articles, we provide a nurturing, nonjudgmental place where clients can work with a multidisciplinary team on the many psychological, biological and environmental factors that fuel addictions.

Our pregnancy resources touch on rehab for pregnant women, the negative consequences of drugs and pregnancy, and more. Topics include the significant risks of methamphetamine use to mother and baby, the behavioral and pharmacological options available to pregnant women who abuse drugs, and the detrimental effects of alcohol on the baby, most notably fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. These articles include the latest facts and stats that underscore the seriousness of this problem, as well as recent research offering hope for future preventive efforts.

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