For many clients at The Ranch in Tennessee, the first step in treatment begins at Piney Lodge assessment, stabilization and detox facilities, a stone’s throw away from the serene and picturesque Piney River. Under the care of our highly experienced medical and behavioral teams, clients detox from drugs or alcohol and undergo assessments and stabilization for mental health issues and compulsive behaviors.

Whether clients are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, depression, eating disorders, trauma, anxiety or other mental health issues, we provide a full range of comprehensive assessments and evaluations. Our goals are to ensure accurate diagnoses, parse out primary issues, determine the best course of care and help clients begin healing physically, mentally and spiritually so they can embark on the next phase of treatment. Call 888-503-0765 today to learn about our Detox, Stabilization & Assessment Program.

Comprehensive Assessments

Each client’s journey at The Ranch mental health and drug and alcohol rehab begins with thorough physical and psychiatric evaluations so that our clinicians have a clear understanding of their unique issues. These assessments are the foundation for each client’s personalized treatment plan.

Assessments and evaluations include:

  • History and physical provided by a board-certified physician with specialties in family practice and addiction medicine
  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation provided by a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner
  • Complete nursing assessment provided by licensed nurses who monitor clients 24/7
  • Nutritional screening and ongoing nutritional support by a licensed dietitian for those with moderate to severe nutritional deficiencies
  • Biopsychosocial assessment
  • At-risk assessment
  • Laboratory work, as appropriate

Whole-Person Healing

Our approach to detox, assessment and stabilization explores the underlying issues that contribute to addiction and mental health challenges. From day one at Piney Lodge drug and alcohol detox center, clients are actively engaged in treatment with opportunities to attend process groups, community groups and individual therapy. We attend to physical issues with the understanding that these are often tied to trauma or emotional pain that should be addressed to facilitate the physical healing process.

Clients at our Piney Lodge detox facility may participate in the following:

  • Group counseling
  • Music therapy
  • Expressive art projects
  • Yoga and mindfulness
  • Parenting group
  • Learning task groups
  • Adventure therapy
  • Introduction to equine therapy
  • Leather printing group
  • Medication education group
  • Faith-based groups and spirituality groups
  • Women and men spiritual circles
  • Sunday spiritual serviceSpecial weekend workshops

Clients can also participate in acupuncture, therapeutic massage, trauma therapies such as EMDR, Brainspotting and energy work. Some services require an additional fee. Call 888-503-0765 today to learn more about our services.

Evidence-Based Approach to Detox and Stabilization

Our approach to detox and stabilization is grounded in evidence-based therapies. Our medical team conducts medical and behavioral assessments and draws upon effective approaches such as process groups and one-on-one trauma counseling to help clients successfully move through the first phase of treatment. For those clients detoxing from drug or alcohol, we administer scientifically proven medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings as clinically appropriate.

Experienced Drug Detox Treatment Team

At the helm of our medical team is a triple-board physician certified in psychiatry, anesthesiology and addiction medicine. The rest of the team is comprised of physicians, psychiatrists, laboratory technicians, a phlebotomist, psychiatric nurse practitioners, several registered and licensed nurse practitioners and medical resident assistants. Nurses provide 24/7 care to those at Piney Lodge and clients see our medical director, physicians and psychiatrists as often as needed.

The Piney Lodge Difference

We understand the challenges our clients face in early recovery. Many are coping with the effects of trauma, mood disorders, eating disorders or intimacy disorders. Our integrative and medically managed model ensures that clients are prepared for the next phase in treatment and sets us apart from many alcohol and drug detox facilities.

Piney Lodge assessment/stabilization drug and alcohol detox facility at The Ranch treatment center is licensed by the state of Tennessee as a residential mental health, medically managed detoxification, and alcohol and drug treatment program. To learn more about the Piney Lodge detox facility call 888-503-0765.


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