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Treatment for Binge Eating

June 6, 2017 Eating Disorders

Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder

A treatment approach that targets both the binge-eating behavior and the underlying issues that fuel the disorder yields the best chances for long-term recovery from binge eating disorder. The Ranch eating disorder program draws on a combination of traditional, alternative and trauma-focused therapies to help clients break the cycle of compulsive eating by not only eliminating the symptom of overeating but exploring the reasons behind this behavior and addressing co-occurring mental health disorders that could contribute to it.

Dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness and interpersonal therapeutic approaches, as well as nutritional counseling and psychotherapy that address a client’s self-image, can help to heal the deep wounds of binge eating disorder. Twelve-step programs such as Overeaters Anonymous also help clients learn how to be more accountable for their food intake and develop a peer support network with others in recovery from compulsive overeating.

Shame, guilt and self-hate are all feelings that often surround binge eating disorder. At The Ranch eating disorders program, clients are welcomed into a nurturing, accepting space where they can feel relief in “letting the secrets out” without being shamed or judged among others sharing similar issues. Clients experience the healing power of peeling back the layers of their self-protective eating behaviors and allowing themselves to be vulnerable. What they discover is the true self that’s been hidden under their disorder, and then they learn to embrace and love that self. Learn more about our women’s eating disorder program or call 866-569-8535.

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