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Faith Based Recovery

Although it is challenging for anyone with addiction to face their demons, this problem can be compounded for people with a strong belief in God. Not being able to overcome addiction despite having strong religious convictions can make people feel as though they’ve disappointed God or that God has let them down. For those with strong religious beliefs, seeking forgiveness from God for behaviors related to substance use or other mental health disorders is a key step on the path to recovery. At The Ranch, our faith-based recovery resources embrace spiritual principles and acknowledge clients’ relationship with God as an integral part of recovery, not meant to replace but complement a wide array of evidence-based therapies.

Faith is a powerful tool that can help people in their darkest moments. As such, we encourage people to rebuild their relationship with God, which may have been eroded by destructive behavioral patterns. Our Christian-based recovery resources and programs reflect the principles of Jesus Christ. However, we welcome people of all faiths and religious backgrounds who are wrestling with skepticism or doubts to rediscover or seek spiritual-based truths and meaning. We encourage clients, family members and friends to embrace their faith as a means of overcoming alcohol or drug abuse, gambling or sexual addictions and eating disorders.

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