Alcohol abuse among Native Americans has been at epidemic levels for a long time ago. But little has been done to address this ongoing national tragedy.

Here are some statistics that reveal the depth of this public health emergency:

  • Native American alcoholism rates are six times higher than the national average, and overall are the highest of any U.S. ethnic group.
  • On an annual basis, almost 12% of Native American fatalities are traceable to alcohol abuse, compared to just 3.3% of all deaths among the general population.
  • Diagnosed rates of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), which causes developmental disabilities in children, are 10 times greater than the national average among some tribes.

Like a rampaging wildfire, Native American alcoholism continues to steal hope, destroy families and ruin lives. But despite high levels of awareness about the seriousness of the problem, accessible and affordable Native American rehab options are still lacking in most areas of the country. Consequently, most Native Americans suffering from substance use disorders do not get the treatment — or the psychological, emotional and spiritual support — they desperately need.

At The Ranch, we’re helping to change this unfortunate and unacceptable situation. We offer Native American recovery services for substance abuse that are evidence-based, culturally sensitive and fully customized to meet the unique individual needs of all who come to us seeking assistance.

What Causes Native American Alcoholism?

Poverty, unemployment, crime and mental health disorders are chronic problems in many Native American communities. Historical patterns of neglect and discrimination have sown the seeds for this sad reality, which isn’t a direct cause of alcohol abuse but does help explain why so many turn to drugs and alcohol as a strategy for coping and as a means of escape.

Knowledge about alcohol abuse among Native Americans is fairly widespread, and Native Americans themselves are deeply concerned about the problem. But solutions have remained elusive, despite the fact that proven methods of treatment for alcoholism exist and could benefit Native Americans enormously if made more widely available.

The cycle of intergenerational alcohol abuse that haunts so many Native American neighborhoods and communities can only be broken one person, and one family, at a time. But when the desire to overcome alcoholism is strong, anything and everything is possible.

Native American Rehab and Recovery

Specialized Native American recovery services are still relatively rare in the United States. In principle, most addiction treatment centers recognize the importance of providing rehab services that are personally and culturally relevant, but those good intentions aren’t always translated into practical action.

This is not the case at The Ranch. Our program for Native American rehab and recovery incorporates traditional cultural and spiritual elements that boost the chances of success significantly. We work with our clients to create customized healing programs that can help them restore balance, harmony, responsibility and integrity to their lives.

Family, culture, personal history and spiritual beliefs should be allies in the healing process and should never be ignored — which they never are at The Ranch.

Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

Recovery from addiction is challenging for everyone, regardless of where they come from. But physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing are all possible when sobriety is embraced enthusiastically and without compromise.

Native American people are well aware of the tremendous damage alcohol abuse has caused in their communities. Their collective determination to overcome this terrible history is a force for healing and change, and our Native American treatment programs are helping channel that energy in a positive, constructive direction.

We’ve seen how dedicated our Native American clients are to defeating their substance use issues, for themselves, their families and their societies. This type of motivation makes good things happen, and it is the key to reversing the pattern of substance abuse that has been ravaging many Native American communities for far too long.


Choose a better life. Choose recovery.