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Mental Health

Every year, about one in five adults in the U.S. or 43.8 million people experience a mental illness. Perhaps you know somebody who is exhibiting odd behavior, but have no idea if it’s a sign of an underlying mental illness. At The Ranch, our mental health resources reflect our multifaceted treatment programs. These encompass specialized therapies for mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder while also addressing frequently co-occurring issues including substance abuse, trauma and eating disorders. The goal of our mental health resources is to empower you with accurate knowledge to better understand and recognize problems before they become severely debilitating.

These in-depth articles cover symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of disorders including borderline personality, major depression, gambling and sexual addictions and more. We also post content that reflects the latest research findings and unique articles such as How to Help Your Teen Pick a College with Mental Health Resources. While these topics may seem eclectic, what they all have in common is the philosophy that everyone is unique and therefore mental health treatment and resources must reflect that diversity. The bottom line is if you read about any signs and symptoms that ring true, please do not hesitate to contact us. Professional, compassionate help is just a phone call away!

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