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Process Addictions

Process addictions share a lot in common with alcohol and drug use disorders. The difference is that people with process addictions compulsively engage in addictive behaviors as opposed to ingesting substances. This often causes their lives to spiral out of control. Like substance abuse, process addiction results in changes in the brain that lead to dependence and addiction. When a person ceases these behaviors, they can suffer withdrawal symptoms, albeit not as overt as withdrawal from many drugs. And like people who are addicted to alcohol or other drugs, individuals with process addictions are prone to relapse due to powerful cravings during withdrawal.

Behavioral addictions can manifest as compulsive gambling, shopping, internet usage, online gaming, sex or love, exercise or eating. The common factor in these pursuits is compulsive, excessive behavior that has negative repercussions on one’s life. At The Ranch, we not only provide compassionate treatment for process addictions, but also believe addiction education is important. Read the helpful resources we’ve compiled to gain a greater understanding about this type of addiction.

Process Addiction: Definition, Symptoms and Treatment