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Sex Addiction and Intimacy Disorders

Sex addiction and love addiction are both classified as intimacy disorders. Typically, this type of compulsive behavior is tied to underlying childhood issues ranging from emotional neglect to sexual molestation. Similar to what is seen in individuals addicted to alcohol or other drugs, people who are addicted to sex or love become dependent on the physical and psychological high triggered by brain chemicals. A person with sex addiction may engage in excessive masturbation, have casual sex with multiple partners, surf online porn or engage in any number of sexual pursuits. A person addicted to love experiences an intense high from the initial stages of romance, which tends to dissipate rather quickly. Fantasizing about romance while at the same time being afraid of true intimacy often results in the person flitting from relationship to relationship.

To learn more about the similarities and differences between these types of intimacy disorders, browse our sex addiction resources. The first step in getting help for yourself or a loved one is recognizing there is a problem, and the value of education in the recovery process cannot be overstated.

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