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Substance Abuse Help

From the misuse of prescription opioids and alcohol to illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine, substance abuse negatively impacts millions of Americans. Regardless of the drug, abuse leads to impaired control, problems at home and work, tolerance and withdrawal. In addition, individuals who misuse alcohol or other drugs are subjecting themselves to a wide array of life-threatening health problems. Drug overdoses and alcohol abuse combined cause more than 140,000 deaths every year.

At The Ranch, our dedicated staff delivers state-of-the-art substance abuse help to clients struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. We also believe education is paramount to understanding the chronic nature of addiction. Our substance abuse resources are well-researched and cover a wide spectrum of alcohol and drug topics. Learn about commonly abused illicit drugs like crack, cocaine, heroin and meth and insightful facts about detox, withdrawal and rehab.

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