Anyone struggling with alcoholism can agree that the struggle is no less than an all-out war. The disease continually beats down the addict, as they watch their life, job, family, relationships and self-respect wither away and deteriorate. The best of intentions, the most logical plans and the wisest advice fall far short of being a solution that can actually sustain sobriety and help us to put down the bottle for good.

You may drink on a daily basis or you may drink only in certain situations, but the real problem is what happens to you when you drink. You may embarrass yourself and your family at times with your alcoholic behavior. Sometimes you may intend to have only one or two drinks but end up drunk. For some reason that even you don’t understand, you keep drinking even though you keep getting in trouble and doing things you don’t mean to do.

Naturally, addicts feel shame and guilt because of their behavior and if anything this only leads to more drinking in the hopes of escaping the voice of conscience and uncomfortable feelings of remorse and regret. Will life always be this endless cycle of drinking, shame, swearing off and more drinking? Is this all there is?

The answer is no. This is not the end of the story. Whether you have felt God working in your life or not, He is there and He is active. If you are a Christian who is having a problem with alcohol, you may wonder why even though you pray and frequently ask God for help, the compulsion to drink keeps coming back when you least expect it.

Christianity and Alcoholism

Christians fighting alcoholism should take heart. They have a power at work in them that is greater than any other power in the world. The business of recovery, then, is learning to connect to this life-altering, life-saving power. That power is God.

But how do we connect with this God? Isn’t that what we’ve been trying to do as we sat in church or tried to pray and read the Bible as we were instructed? Where was God when we were falling into the grip of addiction?

For many of us, the reason God has seemed distant or that we haven’t felt His power was because we weren’t ready to surrender. We knew we hated ourselves and the way we were living, but that didn’t exactly mean we were ready to give it up. We still thought we could get power over our drug of choice; that we could drink like normal people.

Christian Addiction Recovery

Christian alcohol treatment shatters that denial and delusion. There we learn that in order to be well we must admit how sick we are. In order to receive strength, we must come fully face-to-face with our weaknesses. This is hard to do. It requires a level of humility we aren’t sure we have and it means we can never drink again. We can’t imagine how we can make it through life without the crutch we’ve relied upon for so long.

The good news is that recovery from alcoholism and Christianity don’t have to be at odds with one another. At Christian rehab centers, your faith can be the foundation of your recovery. There are Christian drug rehabs that will draw on the teachings of Christianity to help you to recover from any form of drug addiction. Even if you are using street drugs, you are not a bad person and you can recover with Christian addiction recovery.

Christian addiction recovery starts with an awareness of a Power greater than yourself who wants what is best for you. This type of recovery guides you in using the strength of your faith and biblical teachings to fight alcoholism and drug addiction. You really are never alone in the war against alcohol and drugs. God is with you, and at a Christian rehab, you will learn to fully rely on the strength and protection of God to help you achieve sobriety while also learning other tools and coping skills that can help you at the same time.

Recovery from addiction at a Christian rehab can open the door to a life of true inner peace. At a Christian drug rehab, staff members will understand that devotion to Christian teachings is the greatest source of strength that you have, and they will help guide you in building a solid relationship with God as you recover from addiction. Using your faith as your greatest power, you will attain not only freedom from the compulsion to use alcohol and drugs, but a much stronger relationship with God. You will come to love the new life you are leading and won’t wish for the “fun” of the old days.

Christians fighting alcoholism only need to surrender to win.


Choose a better life. Choose recovery.