What to Expect in Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Effective rehab for cannabis addiction addresses the underlying causes of substance abuse and teaches healthy coping skills to maintain sobriety. Treatment typically includes:

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana addiction treatment must address the individual’s addictive behaviors as well as the underlying issues that have led to abusing drug. Co-occurring mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, and addictions to or use of alcohol or other drugs that commonly accompany marijuana abuse, must be treated for successful long-term recovery. The Ranch marijuana addiction treatment typically includes:

Marijuana detox – Depending on the length of time clients have abused marijuana, the amount abused, and if they’re abusing other substances, treatment may begin with medical detox. A medical team monitors clients around the clock to ease any withdrawal symptoms with evidence-based medications. Marijuana withdrawal may include psychological symptoms such as irritability, anger, and depression as well as physical symptoms like tension, restlessness, shaking, fever, stomach pain, insomnia and appetite disturbances.

Inpatient marijuana rehabMarijuana addiction treatment at our residential facility separates clients from triggers and provides 24/7 professional care so clients can focus on getting better. We help our clients address issues like mental health disorders or underlying trauma that might be perpetuating destructive coping methods. Clients engage in traditional and experiential therapies to help them heal physically and emotionally. Going through treatment with peers sharing similar challenges provides support, encouragement and opportunities to practice essential recovery skills.

Outpatient care and aftercare support – Clients may decide to attend our intensive outpatient program after they leave residential care. This helps smooth the transition back into everyday life. Clients can attend work or school while in our outpatient program, obtaining vital professional and peer support as they navigate challenges and triggers. We also offer a 12-month continuing care plan and a free, weekly aftercare meeting.


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